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Lithium-ion 10.4Ah Battery For T14

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Unleash the Power with the 10.4Ah Lithium-ion Battery for T14. Experience Extended Rides with High-capacity 48V 10.4Ah Battery.

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This Engwe 10.4Ah Battery is exclusively compatible with Engwe T14

We are delighted to introduce the Engwe T14 10.4Ah battery – a cutting-edge solution that empowers e-bike adventures with its high-capacity 10.4Ah lithium-ion technology. Enjoy extended rides with confidence, as this advanced battery offers an impressive cruising range of up to 35km on pure electric mode on a single charge. Designed for compatibility with the Engwe T14 electric bike, it ensures optimized performance, efficiency, and reliability.

High-Density Lithium Technology

Experience a revolutionary power source that ensures exceptional electrical system safety, empowering you for thrilling rides with utmost confidence.

Fast Charging, Endless Excitement

Cut down on waiting time with a swift charging duration of approximately 7 hours. Get back on the road swiftly and embrace boundless adventures.

Extended Range, Limitless Exploration

Embark on extended journeys as this mighty battery fuels your e-bike with up to 37 miles of auxiliary driving on a single charge. Discover new horizons without compromise!

Convenient & Secure

Embrace the convenience of the hidden-in-frame design that allows you to effortlessly lock, remove, and charge the battery at your home or office. Streamlined, sophisticated, and stress-free.

Enhanced Compatibility

Tailored exclusively for Engwe T14 e-bikes, this powerful battery seamlessly integrates with your ride, providing an unparalleled experience designed just for you.


  • Rechargeable battery: lithium-ion
  • Installation: frame
  • Capacity: 10.4Ah Battery
  • Voltage: 48 V
  • Size: 36*9*13cm
  • Set Contents: battery, 2x keys


This Engwe 10.4Ah Battery is exclusively compatible with Engwe T14

  1. Proper Charging Protocol: To ensure peak performance and longevity, promptly charge your e-bike battery using the recommended voltage of 54.6V. Charging is complete when the red light turns off and the green light illuminates.
  2. Avoid Over-Discharge: Protect Your Investment – Over-discharging the battery can lead to severe damage. Keep the discharge voltage above 39V at all times to safeguard your battery’s health.
  3. Prior to Use: Optimal Performance Guarantee – During storage and transportation, there may be a slight loss of electric charge. For best results, recharge the battery before using it to ensure maximum efficiency.

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Lithium-ion 10.4Ah Battery For T14
Lithium-ion 10.4Ah Battery For T14


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