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Experience urban mobility like never before with the Engwe Y600 electric scooter. Powered by an 830W motor, featuring extended battery life and a modern design, the Y600 combines style and efficiency for an unmatched commuting adventure.

Pre-sale, expected to be in stock by the end of March.

Thrill Seekers’ Delight: Uncover the Excitement of Engwe Y600 Scooter🏆

Step into the future of commuting with the Engwe Y600 electric scooter. Boasting a potent 830W motor, extended battery range, and a sleek design, the Y600 redefines urban mobility. Unleash the power and style as you effortlessly navigate through your daily adventures.

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Engwe Y600 Main features and advantages

  • 48V18.2Ah Large Capacity Battery: Extends range by 66%, up to 70km in eco mode.
  • 830W Peak Hub Motor: Empowers 45KM/H speed on 15-degree inclines effortlessly.
  • Multiple Suspension System: Front, rear, and seat shocks for a smooth riding experience.
  • Intelligent Battery Management System: Ensures optimal performance with multiple protection features.
  • Double Braking System: Responsive front and rear brakes enhance stability and control.
  • Easy Folding Mechanism: Convenient folding, weighing 58.4 pounds, ideal for transport.
  • 10″ Thickened Vacuum Tires: Superior grip, elasticity, and durability for varied surfaces.
  • Intuitive LED Display: Real-time updates on speed, battery, and modes for convenience.
  • Illuminate Lighting System: 360-degree visibility with headlight, brake light, and turn signals.
  • Detachable Seat: Offers versatile seating options for a personalized riding experience.
  • 9.0-inch Wide Deck: Enhances stability and riding comfort on the spacious deck.
  • IPX5 Waterproof Rating: Navigate confidently in varied weather conditions with water-resistant features.
  • Simple and Classic Design: Intuitive controls for easy access contribute to a user-friendly journey.

48V18.2Ah Large Capacity Battery


The Engwe Y600 stands out from its competitors with its impressive 48V 18.2Ah Long Range Battery, which offers an exceptional 66% extended range. In addition, when in eco mode, this scooter can travel an impressive distance of up to 70km on a single charge, providing users with a prolonged and enjoyable travel experience.

830W Peak Hub Motor

The ENGWE Y600 electric scooter offers an exhilarating ride, featuring a 600W sustained power and a peak of 830W, effortlessly tackling 15-degree inclines. With a thrilling top speed of 45KM/H, this scooter ensures an electrifying adventure. Choose from three speed modes (0-15km/h, 16-30km/h, 30-45km/h) for a personalized journey, making every ride a unique and invigorating experience.

Engwe_Y600_Front_and_Rear_Suspension_50Multiple Suspension System

The ENGWE Y600 electric scooter features a complete suspension system that includes both front and rear suspension, as well as seat shock absorbers. This combination offers an exceptional riding experience, particularly on difficult terrains. The advanced suspension setup effectively reduces the impact of shocks, ensuring superior comfort. It is perfect for navigating rough surfaces and handling uneven terrain.

Intelligent Battery Management System

With meticulous design and advanced technology, the Engwe Y600 Escooter introduces an Intelligent Battery Management System. This system ensures battery safety and optimal performance in every scenario. Equipped with short circuit, overcurrent, overcharge, over-temperature, and undervoltage protection, it guarantees a secure ride.

Double Braking System


Experience ultimate control and safety with the Engwe Y600 electric scooter. Its dual brake system delivers responsive front and rear braking for enhanced stability on any terrain. With an advanced suspension system, this scooter offers a worry-free riding experience. Trust in its reliable performance, prioritize your safety, and conquer every twist and turn.

Easy Folding Mechanism

The ENGWE Y600 electric scooter prioritizes convenience with easy folding mechanisms at multiple points, including the seat tube, handlebars, and front bar. Weighing only 58.4 pounds and folding down to approximately 110x24x53.5cm, it becomes effortlessly portable for public transportation or car storage. 3 Riding Modes and 5 Speed Levels

10″ Thickened Vacuum Tires


Conquer any terrain with confidence on the Engwe Y600 electric scooter. Its 10″ thickened vacuum tires guarantee a stable and reliable ride, thanks to their superior grip, elasticity, and durability. Whether it’s rough roads or uneven surfaces, these robust tires provide enhanced traction for a smooth and controlled experience.

Intuitive LED Display

Stay informed during your ride with the Engwe Y600 Escooter’s user-friendly LED display. Featuring an LCD digital screen, effortlessly transition between riding modes, and monitor real-time updates on speed, battery life, mileage, and lighting. With easy-to-read visuals, the display ensures a seamless and enjoyable riding experience.

Illuminate Lighting System


Upgrade your safety and add a touch of style with the Illuminate Lighting System of the Engwe Y600 Escooter. This advanced system includes a high-powered headlight, a brake light, two turn signals, and four luminous lights, providing 360-degree visibility. Control the lighting effortlessly using the handlebar button, seamlessly transitioning between day and night rides. With bright front and rear lights, as well as indicators for turning, confidently ride in any weather conditions.

Detachable Seat

The Engwe Y600 offers a versatile riding experience with its detachable seat, ensuring smooth transitions between seated and standing positions. This innovative feature allows riders to adapt effortlessly to their preferences and journey requirements. The ergonomically designed seat ensures comfort, enhancing the overall cruising experience.

9.0-inch Wide Deck


Experience superior comfort with the Engwe Y600’s 9.0-inch wide deck, designed for a spacious and stable ride. The increased width not only enhances riding comfort but also provides better stability, ensuring a secure and balanced feel. With ample room for your feet, this thoughtfully designed deck contributes to a smooth and enjoyable journey.

IPX5 Waterproof Rating

Navigate confidently through various weather conditions with the Engwe Y600, boasting an IPX5 waterproof rating. Ride with assurance in light rain, easily tackling puddles and wet streets. This robust waterproof feature ensures the electric scooter remains resilient against water exposure, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free and versatile ride in changing weather.

Simple and Classic Design


The Engwe Y600 boasts a simple and classic design with an intuitive handlebar featuring controls for turn signals, speed, gear, and battery information. The efficiently arranged interface ensures easy access to vital details, enhancing the overall riding experience. This thoughtful design not only provides essential information at a glance but also contributes to a seamless and user-friendly journey.

Premium Quality with Outstanding Affordability & Cheap price!🏆

Engwe® is dedicated to producing the most advanced electric bicycles by following the newest techniques and highest quality and production standards. Understanding that a good e-bike is not all that matters, Engwe® created an outstandingly cheap pricing model. We advise you to do your own research and compare Engwe® e-bikes with competitor models. We are confident that you can not find any other advanced bikes in such an affordable price range. Winner of advanced design, winner of the price! 🏆

Engwe EP-2 Pro Premium Quality

Engwe Y600 Package includes

  1. Y600 e-scooter
  2. Battery Charger
  3. Assembly Tools
  4. User Manual

Engwe Y600 Terms and Policies

9.5Expert Score
Experience urban mobility like never before with the Engwe Y600 electric scooter. Powered by an 830W motor, featuring extended battery life and a modern design, the Y600 combines style and efficiency for an unmatched commuting adventure.

Pre-sale, expected to be in stock by the end of March.


Specification: ENGWE Y600

Battery Capacity (Ah)

48V 18.2Ah

Maximum Speed (KM/H)


Braking system

Mechanical Disc Brake

Weight (KG)


Wheel Size (inch)


Engwe Color
Shimano Gears


Charging Time (Hour)


Electric Mode Range (KM)


Pedal Assist Max Range (KM)


Rear Carrier Max Load (KG)


Dimensions (cm)


Folded Dimensions (cm)


Saddle Height (cm)


Handlebar Height (cm)


Maximum Load (KG)


Suitable Height (cm)


Shock Absorber (Front)

Spring Suspension Fork

Shock Absorber (Rear)

Mechanic Suspension

Waterproof Rating (IPX)


Energy Recovery System




Warranty (Months)


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