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ENGWE X26 Extreme-performance e-bike is getting known as one of the most advanced electric bikes ever created! Although new and still, in production, the first users’ feedback is absolutely 5-star fantastic. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
It comes with extremely high features, a motor of 1000W peak power and its entire frame consists of a dual battery, which is one of the largest in the market with 1373Wh.

ENGWE X26 Extreme-Performance E-bike That Conquers All Terrain🏆

Engwe X26 was one of the most crowdfunded e-bike projects of all time! X26 funded more than 1,000,000 EUR by 550 backers as one of the most advanced electric bikes ever created.

An electric bike as innovative and advanced as Engwe X26 was never seen before! Works like an electric bicycle but feels more like a motorbike or offroad dirtbike. Developers successfully implemented some of the world’s most advanced riding features in this outstanding device. It was made to conquer the most extreme terrains with absolutely winning long-range distances. It has not one, but two long-lasting high-capacity batteries that run a brushless electric motor with a peak power of 1000W. Have you ever heard of an e-bike that can go as fast as 50 KM/H? X26 can. It is capable of reaching up to 100 kilometres in a pure electric mode without pedalling!

Engwe X26 Extreme Features and Advantages

  • Dual 1373Wh Batteries of 48V and 19Ah (main battery) and 7.5Ah (secondary battery).
  • The Upgraded 1000 W Motor offers extreme power in acceleration and a final speed of 50 KM/H.
  • 30% Hill-climbing ability makes a true difference when conquering hills and mountains.
  • Max. Range of 100 Kilometers on a single charge can take you from one city to another.
  • Smart & Large LCD Display with colours reflect your speed, distances, mode and multiple settings.
  • Advanced Hydraulic Disk Brakes are necessary to ensure a safe and short breaking path at high speeds.
  • Quadruple Advanced Suspension System provides the smoothest ride you have ever experienced.
  • All-Terrain 26 x 4-inch Fat Tires make riding stable and safe while absorbing shocks from the rough terrain.
  • Advance-Design Aluminum Alloy Frame keeps it lightweight while offering extreme advantages.
  • Folding Design makes sure you can transport your bike in your car trunk across the country.
  • 8-Speed Shimano® Gears ensure efficient gear switching depending on the needs of the terrain.
  • Anti-Slip Pedal with an upgraded grip secures your foot on the pedal and eliminates slippery surfaces.
  • Cruise Control is a way to lock your speed, therefore eliminating the need to control the throttle.
  • Motorcycle-style Backseat allows transportation of another person or heavy cargo.
  • Key-locked Battery makes sure no one steals it. Charge it in the bike or take it out.
  • Attractive Design – Find more user photography on our Instagram.

Engwe X26 Where to Buy Order Review User Review of Engwe X26 Order Buy eMTB

Revolutionary Next-Generation Design

Some would say Engwe X26 is a hybrid of dirtbike, motorcycle and electric bike. But this is unfair, as the X26 offers so much more. It’s simply the newest and perhaps the most advanced design of an electric bicycle in existence. More power, more speed, more range and better performance – Engwe X26 has it all!

Extreme Power of 1000 W Brushless Motor

More power will be felt than on any other electric bike. The X26 gives constant and dependable power at 750W and can push out a whopping 1000W when you are faced with challenging terrain, unlike some other e-bike motors that can only produce 250W. This allows you the comfort to easily navigate dirt and mountains while gliding over sand and gravel without pausing.

Incredible Dual Battery Design – One in the Frame, Second Under the Seat

Double Battery 19.2AH and 7.5AH Long Range Buy Engwe X26It’s only reasonable that the best electric bike should have the best battery. Therefore Engwe X26 has dual 1373Wh batteries. The primary one with 19Ah is located under the seat, and the secondary battery of 7.5Ah can is located in the front of the frame. In addition to extra battery capacity, they also perfectly distribute the weight of the bike, for an ideal balance.

High-Performance Spring & Hydraulic Dual Suspension on Engwe X26

The high-Performance dual suspension consists of a huge front suspension fork, dual motorcycle-style rear spring-oil suspension together with mid-frame hydraulic shock absorber. The Engwe X26 has updated rear High-performance movement shock absorbers and front spring hydraulic shock absorbers. This advanced suspension reflects in really comfortable rides, even on off-road terrains.

Motorcycle-grade fat tires, huge frame, but still a folding design to ease transportation

Good news – you do not need a trailer or an expensive bike carrier to transport X26 across the country with your car. The tires and the frame are quite huge, but you can still fold the bike to fit it in most commercial car trunks. Even though this is one of the largest electric bikes out there, you do not need a trailer to transport your electric bike Engwe X26.

26 x 4-inch Fat Tires for Off-Road, Snow, and Other Uses

For fast electrical vehicles, fat tires (26 x 4-inch, Chaoyang or CST) are strongly advised or even required. For added stability and your personal safety, you must use the fat tires as soon as the electric bike reaches a speed of more than 50 km/h. They provide a superior grip on the ground and work in tandem with the hydraulic triple suspension system to absorb all shocks from uneven terrain. The 140 kpa tire pressure is advised.

Engwe X26’s Advanced Hydraulic Oil Disc Brakes

To match the engine power, it is vitally necessary to have a sophisticated hydraulic braking system. Both the front and rear hydraulic oil disc brakes are included on the Engwe X26. It is well known that hydraulic brakes are the fastest and safest technique to reduce the high speeds of electric vehicles. Additionally, while braking, the X26 will recharge its own battery.

Intelligent TFT Display on Engwe X26 with Colors and Advanced Settings

Smart Inteligent Display TFT by ENGWE X26Your important riding information and more will always be displayed in crystal clear detail on this clever TFT display. It features an intelligent power display, motor power indicator, automated headlamp control, power assist control, ride time, tail light control, speed display (including real-time speed, maximum speed, and average speed), and mileage display (including single mileage and total mileage). You may alter final speeds and a variety of other variables with advanced options.

Pedal Assist, Throttle, and other riding modes with the Engwe X26

Pedalling is all there is to it—no motor aid. When in Pedal Assist Mode, you still pedal but with the help of electric power. You can double the pace and treble the distance without tiring while maintaining the natural pedalling sensation. In throttle mode, you don’t need to pedal because the speed is controlled by a throttle, making the e-bike more like a motorbike.

Motorcycle-style Rear Backseat

No other e-bike compares to the X26’s powerful and resilient rear motorcycle-style backseat. The carrier can carry over 150 kg of stuff or even an additional overweight person because it is extra-enforced. Just hop on and hold on tight! The rear side of the frame, which holds the weight of the backseat, is supported by a dual huge motorcycle-style spring-oil suspension.

LED Taillight and 48V Ambient Headlight

Engwe X26 Front LED Headlight and Red Rear Tailight for SafetyThe front and rear taillights on the Engwe X26 make the bike surroundings visible in any riding situation. This provides increased security at night. Using a high-power LED chip and running at 48 V, the front light can illuminate an area of up to 20 square meters. The rear red light guarantees visibility to oncoming traffic.

Premium Quality by Engwe®🏆

Engwe® is committed to creating the most cutting-edge electric bicycles by using the most recent methods and strictest production and quality guidelines. Engwe® developed an incredibly affordable pricing plan after realizing that an excellent e-bike is not the only thing that matters. With the most cutting-edge cycling features, X26 is a winner in terms of premium design!

Engwe EP-2 Pro Premium Quality

Engwe X26 Package includes

  1. X26 e-bike (75% pre-assembled)
  2. Dual 1373Wh Batteries (in frame)
  3. Battery Charger
  4. Assembly Tools
  5. User Manual

Engwe X26 Purchase Policies

Engwe X26 Where to Buy 1000 W High Performance Ebike

Specification: ENGWE X26

Battery Capacity (Ah)

26.5 (19 + 7.5)

Motor Peak Power (WATT)


Maximum Speed (KM/H)


Braking system

Hydraulic oil brakes

Weight (KG)


Wheel Size (inch)

20 x 4.0

Engwe Color
Shimano Gears

8 speed

Charging Time (Hour)


Electric Mode Range (KM)


Pedal Assist Max Range (KM)


Rear Carrier Max Load (KG)


Dimensions (cm)

192 x 72 x 120

Folded Dimensions (cm)

110 x 72 x 120

Saddle Height (cm)

99 – 125

Handlebar Height (cm)


Maximum Load (KG)


Suitable Height (cm)

170 – 200

Shock Absorber (Front)

Oil spring magnesium fork

Shock Absorber (Rear)

High-performance double movement shock absorber

Waterproof Rating (IPX)


Energy Recovery System

Auto Recharge Function


CE, EN 15194, RoHS

Warranty (Months)


3 reviews for ENGWE X26

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  1. Darles

    Vélo magnifique.

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    • PayHelp

      Bonjour Darles,

      Merci de nous faire part de vos commentaires. Nous sommes heureux de savoir que vous êtes satisfait de votre vélo.

      Équipe Engwe

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  2. Philippe

    Bonjour il y a un code de sécurité pour allumé le engwe x26 merci mr philippe

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    • PayHelp

      Bonjour Monsieur Philippe,

      Merci pour votre demande. Aucun code de sécurité n’est requis pour allumer l’Engwe X26. Nous apprécions vos commentaires.

      Équipe Engwe

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  3. Gianluca

    Mi scuso ma personalmente mi piace il prodotto ho una x20 ma vorrei andare in montagna con una x26 da 1000 watt con variatore di velocità elettro meccanico che da 250 watt anche al 10% di salita .. e una 250 watt ma ha potenza di … Qui e in altri paesi non è legale senza patente.. lo sarebbe in tal caso ? Carino il sedile che stringe l’occhio all’altra parte della batteria.. 200 km ?

    + PROS: 1000 watt
    - CONS: 1000 watt ma 250w in ogni pendenza legalmente o detti 25km/h di max Speed non corruttibili da controll
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    • PayHelp

      Ciao Gianluca,

      Grazie per il tuo feedback! Solo per chiarire, di solito non è necessaria una patente per guidare questa bicicletta nella maggior parte dei paesi europei poiché ha una velocità massima di 45 km/h. Tuttavia, consiglierei di verificare con le autorità locali per confermare queste informazioni. Inoltre, hai la possibilità di limitare la velocità della bici a 25 km/h per garantirne la legalità. Per ulteriori domande, ti invitiamo a scriverci una email all’indirizzo support@engwe.net.

      Squadra Enwe

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