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Engwe X20 Double Batteries: Expected to be in stock by mid of July.

Redefine your ride with dual batteries for extended range, an upgraded 750W motor for powerful performance, and a triple suspension system for smooth journeys. Conquer any terrain with a 30% climbing capacity, stay informed with the smart LCD display, and enjoy the convenience of the advanced folding design.

Unveiling the Engwe X20 Electric Bike – Elevate Your Ride 🏆

Get ready to revolutionize your cycling journey with the highly anticipated Engwe X20 – an exceptional electric bike that seamlessly merges cutting-edge technology with luxurious design. With its powerful 750W motor boasting 65 N.M of torque, dual batteries, dual suspension, and robust fat tires, the Engwe X20 is purpose-built to conquer any terrain, from bustling city streets to exhilarating off-road adventures. Furthermore, equipped with precise hydraulic disc brakes and efficient 8-speed Shimano gears, this high-performance masterpiece guarantees not only safety but also unparalleled comfort for your every ride.

Engwe X20 Extreme Features and Advantages

  • Dual Battery System (48V, 14.4Ah primary and 7.8Ah secondary) to extend the range.
  • Improved 750W Motor which can reach 25KM/H with 65 N.M of torque.
  • Triple Suspension System to provide a smooth ride.
  • Exceptional Climbing Capacity to conquer steep gradients with 30% climbing capacity.
  • Smart LCD Display to offer real-time updates on speed, distance, and mode.
  • Advanced Disc Brakes for quick and safe stops.
  • Advanced Quad Suspension provides comfort on various terrains
  • Out-Terrain Fat Tires provides exceptional traction.
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame offers lightweight and durable bike
  • Smart Folding Design eases the transport and storage
  • Efficient 8-Speed Gears ensure seamless transitions and efficient cycling.
  • Attractive Design: Discover captivating aesthetics on our Instagram, showcasing style and refinement.

Effortless Riding - Engwe X20 Electric Bike Advantages Engwe X20 Electric Bike - Power and Comfort Combined Engwe X20 - Seamless Gear Changes, Superior Performance Experience Efficiency with Engwe X20 - 8-Speed Gears

Engwe X24 Triple Suspension

Triple Suspension System for Unmatched Comfort

Experience a smooth and luxurious ride with the advanced Engwe X20, equipped with an innovative triple suspension system. This cutting-edge system comprises a front hydraulic shock, a central mechanical shock, and a rear air shock, delivering three times the shock absorption power of standard electric bikes. Traverse effortlessly on both smooth urban roads and challenging off-road terrains with unparalleled comfort and stability, courtesy of the Engwe X20’s exceptional suspension system.

Dual Batteries for Extended Range

The Engwe X20 sets itself apart with its innovative dual battery system, boasting a 48V, 14.4Ah primary battery and a supplementary 7.8Ah secondary battery. This powerful combination yields an impressive range, allowing you to traverse up to 76 kilometers in electric mode on a single charge. Moreover, discover new urban landscapes and embark on extended adventures effortlessly, guided by the X20’s remarkable performance and efficiency.

Smart Inteligent Display TFT by ENGWE X26

Smart LCD Display for Easy Monitoring

Experience outstanding clarity and instantaneous updates through the advanced TFT LCD display showcased on the Engwe X20. This feature grants effortless access to vital ride data, encompassing speed, distance, and current mode, all seamlessly presented within a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, enhancing your cycling journey, the dynamic and intuitive TFT LCD display ensures an unbroken link to your bike’s performance, instilling a profound sense of empowerment throughout your expedition.

Improved 750W Motor for Powerful Performance

Experience unparalleled power and performance with the Engwe X20, powered by an upgraded 750W motor. Boasting an impressive 65 N.M of torque and a top speed of 25KM/H, the X20 tackles challenging terrains effortlessly. Moreover, the motor’s peak power reaches a remarkable 1000W, providing the extra push needed to overcome steep inclines and rugged surfaces with ease. Elevate your off-road adventures with the dynamic Engwe X20 electric bike.

Exceptional Climbing Capacity

Mastering inclines and scaling peaks becomes effortless with the remarkable Engwe X20 electric bike. Boasting an impressive 30% climbing capacity, the X20 effortlessly conquers steep gradients, opening doors to uncharted terrains and formidable trails. Furthermore, irrespective of the landscape, the Engwe X20 ensures an unwavering blend of potency and steadiness, empowering you to triumph over every ascent with finesse.

Lightweight and Durable Aluminum Alloy Frame

Savor the epitome of cycling innovation with the Engwe X20, showcasing an ingeniously designed aluminum alloy frame that seamlessly melds lightweight agility with unyielding durability. This advanced frame construction ensures effortless maneuverability while delivering the robust strength needed for enduring performance over time.

Engwe X24 Advanced Hydraulic Disc Brakes for Safety

Advanced Hydraulic Disc Brakes for Maximum Safety

Enhance your riding experience with a strong focus on safety, particularly during high-speed moments, thanks to the advanced hydraulic disc brakes equipped on the Engwe X20. Meticulously designed for precision, these brakes ensure quick and secure stopping distances, granting you the confidence to navigate your journey even at rapid speeds. Moreover, the Engwe X20 stands as your dependable ally, empowering you to ride with unwavering certainty, backed by the presence of reliable, high-performance brakes right at your fingertips.

Advanced Quad Suspension System for Ultimate Comfort

Engwe X20 goes beyond triple suspension, introducing an advanced quad setup. This sophisticated system ensures unmatched smoothness, handling shocks and vibrations whether on city streets or rugged trails. Whether for daily commutes or off-road exploration, Engwe X20’s innovative suspension promises exceptional comfort and unwavering stability throughout your entire journey.

Engwe X26 Fat Tire 20inch by 4inch Offroad All Terrain Tyre

Out-Terrain 20×4.0 inches Fat Tires

Dominating diverse landscapes is a breeze with the Engwe X20’s mighty 20 x 4-inch fat tires – your ultimate all-terrain companions. Engineered for unyielding traction and unwavering stability, these tires empower you to conquer rugged, uneven surfaces with confidence. Be it sandy shores, snowy trails, or gravelly paths, the Engwe X20’s robust fat tires promise not only stability but also an unmatched sense of security throughout your exhilarating journey.

Smart Folding Design

Experience a whole new level of bike transportation with the ingenious folding design of the Engwe X20. Effortlessly fold and stow your bike in your car’s trunk, whether you’re embarking on a road trip or looking for efficient storage solutions. The Engwe X20’s foldable feature redefines convenience and simplicity, making transportation and storage a breeze.

Shimano 8-Speed Gears for Efficient Gear Changes

Engwe X20 prioritizes seamless gear changes for a delightful cycling experience with precision-equipped Shimano 8-speed gears. Also, seamlessly navigate diverse terrains, as these gears enable adaptive transitions, ensuring peak performance effortlessly. Whether conquering challenging inclines or cruising on smooth roads, the Engwe X20’s gears ensure you’re always in the perfect ratio for an exhilarating and efficient ride.

Premium Quality by Engwe®🏆

Engwe® is dedicated to crafting the most cutting-edge electric bicycles, employing the latest methods and adhering to strict production and quality guidelines. Recognizing that an exceptional e-bike is just one part of the equation, Engwe® has introduced an incredibly affordable pricing plan. With a range of cutting-edge cycling features, the X20 emerges as a clear winner, boasting not only premium design but also exceptional value.

Engwe EP-2 Pro Premium Quality

Engwe X20 Package includes

  1. X20 e-bike (75% pre-assembled)
  2. Dual Batteries
  3. Battery Charger
  4. Assembly Tools
  5. User Manual

Engwe X20 Purchase Policies

Engwe X Series

Specification: ENGWE X20

Battery Capacity (Ah)

48V 22.2Ah (14.4Ah + 7.8Ah)

Motor Peak Power (WATT)


Maximum Speed (KM/H)


Braking system

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Weight (KG)

37.2 kg

Wheel Size (inch)

20 x 4.0

Engwe Color
Shimano Gears

8 speed

Charging Time (Hour)


Electric Mode Range (KM)

76 km

Pedal Assist Max Range (KM)

114 km

Rear Carrier Max Load (KG)


Dimensions (cm)


Folded Dimensions (cm)


Saddle Height (cm)

84.5 – 106

Handlebar Height (cm)


Maximum Load (KG)


Suitable Height (cm)

150 – 190

Shock Absorber (Front)

Spring hydraulic shock absorber

Shock Absorber (Rear)

Middle Mechanical Shock and Rear air shock Absorber

Waterproof Rating (IPX)


Energy Recovery System



CE, EN 15194, RoHS

Warranty (Months)


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  1. Josep Maria Barreda Julve

    Estupenda i completa bicicleta que pude comprar gracias a su descuento, tengo 68 años me e dado este capricho, la idea es hacer vias verdes, ahora la hago servir por el campo, es una gozada. en cuanto a la marca un gran servicio i atencion, llego perfectamente embalada i en unos 10 dias. En resumen estoy muy contento porque por este precio hera imposible encontrar una bicicleta con tantas prestaciones. Buen año 2024 para todo el mundo.

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    ENGWE X20

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