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P26 Top-Selling Urban Commuting Electric Bike by Engwe®. A sleek and powerful electric bike that redefines urban commuting. With a 250W brushless motor, 36V 17Ah battery, Shimano 7-speed gear system, and stylish design, it delivers an exhilarating ride with up to 100km range. Experience the future of commuting with the Engwe P26.


Experience the Future of Urban Commuting and Outdoor Exploration with the Engwe P26 Electric Bike. 🏆

Discover the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and style, as you effortlessly navigate through city streets or conquer rugged terrains.

The Engwe P26 is not just an electric bike; it’s a lifestyle choice that empowers you to discover new horizons and embrace the joy of effortless mobility. With its powerful electric motor, adjustable comfort, and exceptional range, it’s time to redefine your riding experience and embrace a greener, more exhilarating way of getting around.

ENGWE P26 ebike 26 inch electric bicycle Mountain bike 36V17AH 250W electric bicycle Road ENGWE P26 Electric Bike Long Range E-Bike Engwe P26 electric bike

Engwe P26 Main features and advantages

  • The Brushless 250W Motor offers true power in acceleration, hill climbing, and a high final speed of 25 KM/H.
  • A large capacity 36V17Ah Battery allows long ranges of up to 100km (pedal assistance mode). Buy an extra battery!
  • 26 x 1.95-inch Fat Tires provide the ideal balance between agility and stability, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride.
  • Advanced LCD Display showing all basic info like speed, mode, battery level, distance, and parameter settings.
  • Front and Rear Mechanical Disk Brakes allow you to break down safely at short distances.
  • Advanced Front Shock Absorbers help to improve riding comfort by absorbing shocks from off-road terrain.
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame keeps its lightweight and strong durability with the possibility to fold.
  • Front and Rear LED Lights brighten up the road at night time, ensuring you are well visible.
  • The rear Bike Carrier Rack allows you to mount cargo, carry big Engwe bags, or spare batteries for extra range.
  • 7-Speed Original Shimano® Shifter is used for switching gears from 1 to seven, depending on the needs.
  • Cruise Control is a way to lock your speed, in addition, to controlling the speed with a thumb throttle or sensing assist system.
  • Attractive Design

Engwe P26 Electric Power Bike 500w PEAK power

Powerful 250W brushless Motor

Equipped with a robust 250W brushless motor, this bike delivers exceptional power and efficiency. Enjoy thrilling journeys at speeds of up to 25km/h, with the option to unlock the full potential and reach a maximum speed of 35km/h when needed. The 500W power output, combined with 40Nm of torque, effortlessly conquers slopes, eliminating the need for excessive exertion.

SHIMANO 7-speed Gear

Equipped with this advanced brake technology on both the front and rear wheels, the Engwe P26 ensures fast and stable braking performance, guaranteeing your safety in all weather conditions and unexpected situations. Enjoy peace of mind as you confidently navigate city streets or tackle challenging terrains, knowing that the Engwe P26’s cutting-edge brake system will provide superior stopping power when you need it most.

Engwe P26 Commuter E Bike Pedal Assist Teenager For SaleLarge Battery Capacity

Designed with both aesthetics and convenience in mind, the battery seamlessly integrates into the chassis, enhancing the bike’s sleek appearance. Easily removable for charging, it features an anti-theft lock for added security. With an impressive capacity of 36V 17Ah, the Engwe P26 battery empowers you to embark on journeys of up to 100km in electric mode with just a single charge. While the actual range may vary based on road conditions and driving mode, the battery’s ample capacity ensures comfortable city commuting and workday rides.

Impeccable Fusion of Design

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its sleek lines and dynamic aesthetics create an unforgettable ride. With a lightweight frame weighing only 26.2kg and a remarkable load capacity of up to 120kg, this electric bike effortlessly accommodates two riders or additional cargo. The adjustable seat, designed for individuals ranging from 160cm to 190cm tall, ensures a comfortable journey for all.

The Engwe P26 250W 36V17Ah city electric bike

26*1.95” Mountain Road Tires

Whether you’re seeking thrilling mountain trails or cruising through city streets, these robust tires deliver exceptional performance. The 26x1.95” dimensions provide the ideal balance between agility and stability, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride. Embrace the versatility of the Engwe P26 as it effortlessly adapts to diverse terrains, allowing you to push the boundaries of exploration with confidence

Advanced Shock Absorber System

Designed to provide an exceptional level of comfort, the front wheel shock absorber effectively minimizes road vibrations, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. Whether you’re cruising through urban streets or tackling rugged terrains, the Engwe P26’s shock absorber system ensures a stable and enjoyable ride, making it the ideal choice for both commuting and outdoor adventures.

Engwe P26 Electric Power Bike Disc Brakes

Dual Disc Brake System

Take control of your ride with the Engwe P26’s advanced dual disc brake system. With brakes installed on both the front and rear wheels, you’ll experience unparalleled stopping power and excellent modulation. The fast heat dissipation design ensures reliable and safe braking performance, granting you the freedom to explore without compromise.

Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame

Engineered for optimal performance, the Engwe P26 boasts a state-of-the-art aluminum alloy frame that provides exceptional strength and durability while significantly reducing the overall weight of the bike. Enjoy a nimble and responsive ride, as the lightweight construction enhances maneuverability and makes uphill climbs and quick turns effortless.

ENGWE P26 E-BIKE LCD DisplayIntuitive LCD Display

The Engwe P26 sets a new standard for urban commuting with its advanced LCD display. Experience the convenience of having crucial ride information, including speed, distance, and battery charge level, easily accessible in one place. The Engwe P26’s LCD display ensures you stay connected and informed throughout your journey, empowering you to make informed decisions and enjoy a connected riding experience like never before.

3 Riding Modes and 5 Speed Levels

Experience ultimate control and customization with the Engwe P26 E-Bike’s diverse riding options. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling electric mode, a balanced assist mode, or a traditional manual mode, the Engwe P26 has you covered. Elevate your riding experience further by selecting from 5 different speed levels, ranging from 10 to 40 km/h, allowing you to effortlessly adapt to various terrains and desired speeds.

Engwe Presents The Rugged Yet Versatile P26 Electric BicycleFront and Rear LED Lights

Stand out from the crowd with the Engwe P26’s eye-catching front and rear LED lights. Not only do they enhance the bike’s aesthetics, but they also provide essential visibility during nighttime rides. Whether you’re commuting in the city or exploring urban landscapes, the Engwe P26’s LED lights ensure you’re seen by other road users, prioritizing your safety without compromising on style.

Rear Luggage Rack

Simplify your urban commute with the Engwe P26’s rear luggage rack. Whether you need to carry a briefcase, groceries, or other personal items, this practical feature ensures a hassle-free transportation experience. Enjoy a clutter-free ride and effortlessly transport your belongings with confidence, thanks to the Engwe P26’s versatile rear luggage rack.

Premium Quality with Outstanding Affordability & Cheap price!🏆

Engwe® is dedicated to producing the most advanced electric bicycles by following the newest techniques and highest quality and production standards. Understanding that a good e-bike is not all that matters, Engwe® created an outstandingly cheap pricing model. We advise you to do your own research and compare Engwe® e-bikes with competitor models. We are confident that you can not find any other advanced bikes in such an affordable price range. Winner of advanced design, winner of the price! 🏆

Engwe EP-2 Pro Premium Quality

Engwe P26 Package includes

  1. P26 e-bike (75% pre-assembled)
  2. One Replaceable 36V17 Ah Lithium Battery
  3. Battery Charger
  4. Assembly Tools
  5. User Manual

Engwe P26 Terms and Policies


9.5Expert Score
P26 Top-Selling Urban Commuting Electric Bike by Engwe®. A sleek and powerful electric bike that redefines urban commuting. With a 250W brushless motor, 36V 17Ah battery, Shimano 7-speed gear system, and stylish design, it delivers an exhilarating ride with up to 100km range. Experience the future of commuting with the Engwe P26.

Specification: ENGWE P26

Battery Capacity (Ah)


Motor Peak Power (WATT)


Maximum Speed (KM/H)


Braking system

Mechanical brake

Weight (KG)


Wheel Size (inch)


Engwe Color

Blue, Silver

Shimano Gears

7 speed

Charging Time (Hour)


Electric Mode Range (KM)

50 – 60

Pedal Assist Max Range (KM)


Rear Carrier Max Load (KG)


Dimensions (cm)


Folded Dimensions (cm)


Saddle Height (cm)


Handlebar Height (cm)


Maximum Load (KG)


Suitable Height (cm)


Shock Absorber (Front)

Mechanical shock absorber

Shock Absorber (Rear)


Waterproof Rating (IPX)


Energy Recovery System



CE, EN 15194, RoHS

Warranty (Months)


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