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Engwe® Engine PRO – Designed to perfection! Premium quality bike with top-of-the-notch performance like no other. Engine Pro 1000W won the hearts of thousands of users. This top-selling e-bike comes with an upgraded motor, front, and rear (spring-hydraulic) suspension, a lightweight but durable folding frame, a removable battery for up to 120km range, double hydraulic disc brakes, an Intelligent TFT Display, and a really comfortable seat.

Engwe Engine Pro (old) will soon go out of production and be entirely replaced by the NEW 2024 Engwe Engine Pro 2.0!

ENGWE ENGINE PRO Advanced Fat-Tire 750 W Upgraded Ebike

Engwe ENGINE PRO is a premium electric bike with the best-advanced cycling features. The recently upgraded version is becoming one of the top-selling electric bikes with hundreds of positive feedback and five-star reviews.

Every feature and detail on Engine PRO is upgraded to perfection! The new brushless motor can reach higher hills, longer ranges, and a final speed of an amazing 45 KM/H. Full (front and rear) hydraulic disk brakes offer record-breaking braking safety. Advanced front and rear (hydraulic) suspension with its famous 20 x 4-inch fat tires makes sure the ride is always super comfortable on all terrains, including snow, beach, and other off-road paths. It’s also the reason why the bike feels stable and safe when riding at high speeds of  45 km/h. Differences between Engine Pro and EP-2 PRO are defined in this article.

Engwe ENGINE PRO Main features and advantages-

  • The Upgraded 750 W (peak 1000W) Motor offers extreme power in acceleration, hill climbing, and a final speed of 45 KM/H.
  • A replaceable 48V16Ah Battery allows long ranges of up to 60km (electric mode). Buy an extra battery!
  • Automatic Headlight Control will turn on your headlights as soon as it detects darkness.
  • Full Front and Rear (Hydraulic) Shock Absorbers make sure to stabilize the riding experience.
  • 20 x 4-inch Fat Tires make riding stable and safe while absorbing shocks from the rough terrain.
  • Smart TFT Display with Colors showing speeds (real, average, and maximum), mode, battery level, distance, total mileage, and multiple parameter settings.
  • Advanced Hydraulic Disk Brakes are known to offer extremely fast and safe braking.
  • Aluminum Alloy Folding Frame keeps its lightweight and strong durability with the possibility to fold.
  • USB Port on Handlebar allows you to charge your device such as a smartphone on the go.
  • Front and Rear LED Lights brighten up the road at night time, ensuring you are well visible.
  • The rear Bike Carrier Rack allows you to carry up to 25 KG of additional weight or a person.
  • Auto-Recharge Function (build-in energy-recovery system) charges the battery when riding down the hills.
  • Key-locked Battery makes sure no one steals it. Charge it in the bike or take it out.
  • 8-Speed Original Shimano® Shifter is used for switching gears from 1 to eight, depending on the needs.
  • Cruise Control is a way to lock your speed, in addition, to controlling the speed with a thumb throttle or sensing assist system.
  • Attractive Design Find more user photography here or on our Instagram.

Upgraded Advanced Motor with 1000 W of Peak Power Output

The rear wheel has an integrated XingDa hub brushless motor. This recently upgraded brushless 750-watt motor delivers 1000-watt of peak power with the ability to climb 30° inclines. The top speed can be up to 45 km/h (manually regulated) with an optimum range of up to 100 km thanks to the replaceable 48v 16Ah lithium battery.

High-Performance Spring & Hydraulic Dual Suspension

Engine Pro comes with an upgraded front spring hydraulic shock absorber and rear High-performance movement shock absorber. The spring and hydraulic shock absorbers generate more powerful shock absorption. The front suspension is adjustable with the option to lock your settings. Together with fat tires, this ensures one of the most stable and safe rides on all terrains. The ride is truly more comfortable, especially when compared with electric bikes without fat tires.

20 x 4-inch Fat Tires for Beach, Snow, Off-road, and More

Fat tires 20 x 4-inch ( Chaoyang or CST) come highly recommended or even necessary for fast electrical vehicles. As soon as the electric bike reaches a speed over 40 km/h, you need the fat tires for extra stability and your personal safety. They give a better ground grip and absorb all shocks from bumpy terrain together with the hydraulic dual suspension. The recommended tire pressure is 140 kpa. Riding an e-bike with fat tires gives additional riding sensation that feels more similar to riding a motorcycle.

Advanced Hydraulic Oil Disc Brakes by Engwe Engine Pro

It is absolutely essential to have an advanced hydraulic braking system to match the motor power. Engwe Engine Pro comes with front and rears hydraulic oil disc brakes. Hydraulic brakes are known to be the most efficient way of fastly and safely slowing down the high speeds of electric vehicles. Furthermore, the Engine Pro will charge its own battery while braking.

An Upgraded Replaceable 48V16Ah Battery with a Smaller Size and Longer Range

The newly upgraded lithium 48V16Ah battery is smaller in size. Due to the recent upgrade, it can achieve approximately 10% longer range or distances. It ensures long life expectancy. The battery is replaceable, therefore you can charge it when in the bike frame, or take it out and charge it in the apartment. We highly recommended buying an extra battery when ordering a bike, to double the riding distances.

Intelligent TFT Display with Colors and Advanced Settings on Engwe Engine Pro

Engwe Engine PRO TFT Display Controller InteligentThis smart TFT display will always clearly show you all the important information and more. It offers automatic headlight control, intelligent power display, motor power indication, power assist gear, speed display (including real-time speed, maximum speed, and average speed), mileage display (including single mileage and total mileage), power assist control, ride time, tail light control and USB connection indication. With advanced options, you can control final speeds and many other settings.

Aluminum Alloy Folding Frame – 3 Steps Easy-fold system

The Foldable Aluminum Alloy Frame allows easy folding in 3 steps while keeping its full durability and frame strength. The handlebar and pedals also include a folding design. Although the frame is super strong, it is lightweight aluminium alloy at only 31.6 KG, which is surprisingly low for an e-bike with such high specifications. Although this is a big and strong bike, it still fits in most commercial cars and allows you to transport the bike across the country.

Front 48 V LED Ambient Headlight and Red LED Taillight – Automatic Headlight Control

The Engwe Engine PRO comes with a front light, and rear taillight, making the bike visible in any riding condition. This ensures extra safety in the dark. The front light is using 48 V of working voltage with a high-power LED chip that is lighting up to 20 square meters. The rear red light ensures visibility from vehicles behind. The front headlight has automatic headlight control, which means the bike’s sensors will turn it on or off, depending on daytime or nighttime.

Multiple Riding modes with Engwe Engine Pro Pedal Mode, Pedal Assist mode, Throttle mode

Pedal mode is simply pedalling, without any motor assistance. On Pedal Assist Mode, you pedal but electric assistance gives you additional power. You keep the natural pedalling feeling while easily reaching double the speed and triple the distance without getting tired. In Throttle mode pedalling is not required as you control the speed with a throttle and use the e-bike more like a motorcycle.

The rear Bike Carrier Rack on Engwe Engine Pro

Engine Pro e-bike comes with a strong and durable rear carrier, like no other. As the carrier is extra enforced, it can carry luggage of 90 kilograms or even an extra person. It works best with Engwe bike rack bags, that hold up to 25kg and can potentially carry 2 extra batteries for record-breaking long rides. The rear aluminium mudguard is double attached under the rear carrier.

Premium Quality by Engwe®🏆

Engwe® is dedicated to producing the most advanced electric bicycles by following the newest techniques and highest quality and production standards. Understanding that a good e-bike is not all that matters, Engwe® created an outstandingly cheap pricing model. ENGINE PRO is a winner of premium design with the most advanced cycling features!

Engwe EP-2 Pro Premium Quality

Engwe Engine Pro Package includes

  1. ENGINE Pro e-bike (75% pre-assembled)
  2. One Replcable 48V13Ah Lithium Battery (in frame)
  3. Battery Charger
  4. Assembly Tools
  5. User Manual

Engwe Engine Pro Terms and Policies


10Expert Score

Specification: ENGWE ENGINE PRO

Battery Capacity (Ah)


Motor Peak Power (WATT)


Maximum Speed (KM/H)


Braking system

Hydraulic oil brakes

Weight (KG)


Wheel Size (inch)

20 x 4.0

Engwe Color
Shimano Gears

8 speed

Charging Time (Hour)


Electric Mode Range (KM)

50 – 60

Pedal Assist Max Range (KM)


Rear Carrier Max Load (KG)


Dimensions (cm)

175 x 57 x 123

Folded Dimensions (cm)

104 x 55 x 84

Saddle Height (cm)

86 – 108

Handlebar Height (cm)

123 – 130

Maximum Load (KG)


Suitable Height (cm)

160 – 210

Shock Absorber (Front)

Spring hydraulic shock absorber

Shock Absorber (Rear)

High-performance movement shock absorber

Waterproof Rating (IPX)


Energy Recovery System

Auto Recharge Function


CE, EN 15194, RoHS

Warranty (Months)



51 reviews for ENGWE ENGINE PRO

4.8 out of 5
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  1. elosi

    Good for money, good replies, good riding. Only advantages. and its BEAUTIFUL haha

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  2. ted basye

    Very accurate description. Quick support of the seller. Excellent bike.

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  3. Ron Merritt

    Good, but heavy e-bike.

    Bike is essential as advertised, but they provide very little specific information. The manual is pretty useless. I figured out that the energy recovery system only works when in pedelec modes 0 or 1 and going 18 km/h and faster – typically downhill. It’s only on coasting – braking generates no energy. The display gives you a watt rating for both energies being expended or energy being recovered which is handy. I show it peaks at 850 watts uphill, full throttle. On a long downhill grade, going 20 km/h, I was recovering 117 watts. Build quality is outstanding – the thing is a tank, which also means it’s heavy – over 30 kg. I doubt you could break it structurally. The ride is good/smooth and the center of gravity is very low. Very comfortable cruising or commuting. I’m sure off-road trails would be fine, but this is not a BMX bike, so keep that in mind. The display is bright and gives the necessary info. Cruise control works by holding the throttle trigger in one position for 8 seconds and disengaging if you pedal or tap the brakes. Manual is a joke – absolutely no instructions on how anything works, or how to put it together. Packaging is average – my derailer was bent so that the chain was hitting the tire/rim (I had to straighten it by hand), and there were a few minor nicks that I touched up with a black sharpie. Overall I’m happy with it so far – plan to add a mirror, a pannier bag, and maybe a better seat. It should also have a better headlight and turn signals would be nice. 

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  4. Prudence Rodden

    Excellent bike, meets the parameters described above

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  5. Amazy

    Great product

    Easy to use 

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  6. Fritz Filippi

    Exact product description, very satisfied. I will buy another for my girl but probably EP-2 PRO to save some money and she rides slowly anyways.

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  7. HapaShawn

    A great, zippy, and battery-efficient e-bike!

    I’ve had this bike for about a week now, and have gone on two rides – one of which was for over 35 kilometers. On the longer 40-km ride, it only used about 50% of the battery. So far, I am loving this bike. I have only two complaints, really. One, the brakes are random quality and came out of the box rubbing, and making noise (squeaking). This seems to have been solved or is now by using some WD-40 on the brake disks. My only other complaint is the weight of the bike in general. It’s heavy at over 30 kilograms with the battery in. This makes it difficult to load into the trunk of a car, or anywhere that you’re planning on storing it in a folded fashion. If you’re planning on putting this on an elevated bike rack, forget it, as it will be too heavy for most people to lift it, particularly older folks. Other than that, this is a grade A bike, and I am very pleased with my purchase so far. Customer support was also a bonus. I had a question about shipping which was answered via email in a matter of a few hours. They were very responsive and forthcoming. Highly recommended! 

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  8. Dan

    Well Made but poor shipping packaging

    Very well made bike, fairly easy to put together. Packaging could be better. For the most part bike was well wrapped and had a few pieces of foam to protect it in the box but Fedex managed to punch holes in side of box and lower front corner. This resulted in the ends of the front forks to badly scratched and the front brake line to be crushed and ruptured meaning the front brake does not work at all. I am awaiting the response from the seller about replacement of the front brake and will update review and number of stars to let everyone know how it is handled.I did purchase 2 bikes, 1 for my wife and 1 for myself and am waiting on Fedex to deliver the second. Both shipped on the same day. Seller double checked with me to make sure I meant to order 2 bikes. Nice customer service on their part.Took first ride and was pleasantly surprised at how well it handles and how quick it is. First E-bike and did lots of research. Many great features for the price point and the logan brakes work great on the rear.edit: 7/26Second bike showed up and was in much better condition. Very well packaged and survived Fedex handling. Got a response from seller on damage on first bike and they are sending out replacement parts to make it whole again.Must say very pleased overall with both the bikes and the customer service.

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  9. Free88

    Built like a Tank

    We bought two of these in November 2021. Have put about 900 kilometers on each of them. These bikes are built very heavy duty and can handle rough conditions, including the ride in the sudden afternoon t-storm. The brakes are awesome, as is the controller. The bike seats are not that great but easily replaced. Speed, power and range are great. The rear suspension is a bit stiff and cannot be adjusted. The front is good and is adjustable.Top speed is about 35 – 45 km/h on flat asphalt depending on the rider’s weight. I weigh about 88kg and can hit 43KMH+. Range depends on how much you pedal. If you do not pedal at all, 35+ kilometers solid. If you pedal sometimes, add 10 kilometers. If you pedal a lot, add 10 more kilometers. Those are rough estimates. Your milage may vary. I do wish that speeds 1 and 2 were much slower. Sometimes we want to just take a slow ride, and those speeds are too fast. 3, 4, and 5, need further spread between them. Ideally, I would prefer speed 1 to be closer to 10-12KM/H, and then add 8KMH for each speed above that evenly spaced. The overall ride is decent, but the rear damper could be better and be adjustable. The front is ok. Do wish the seat post was itself a damper, but at this price not expected. Be aware that these are not large-diameter MTB tires. If you turn too sharp, you can fall easily. We have only had one major issue. On one of the bikes, the clutch disc broke after about 200 kilometers. This part is inside the rear hub. Basically, the motor will spin and spin, but the tire will not move. Contacted the manufacturer through their website, and sent in a copy of the order receipt, and a short video of the problem. About a week later the replacement part arrived and was in fact the solution to the issue. Took me about 30 minutes to replace, but was not terribly difficult. A+ on customer support. Overall, we have been very happy with these bikes after 10+ months of ownership. Hard to say that we would buy it again. It has been fun and the bikes have been great. But they are very heavy and cumbersome. These are difficult to lift into the back of a truck or an SUV. Great while you are on them. People react two ways when they see you on them. They are either hateful, resentful, and annoyed by them, or they want to buy them from you on the spot. 

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  10. SJC Sue

    Came completely assembled and no problems

    This bike is great!!! Has it all and performs better than expected eg – goes up to 42 – 45 km/h on flat asphalt. There is nothing not to like. I would highly recommend it!!! 

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  11. Renesmae Knapp

    everything was as it should be nice and fast bike 45 KMH we enjoy it.

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  12. Dustydrawz


    So far I’m loving this bike! It was super easy to finish assembling by just attaching the handlebar assembly and pedals. I had a bit of rattling going on because of the fenders being squeezed tightly through the frame, I simply stuck two little pieces of rubber in there and the tingy sound went away. As far as being able to boogy around town this bike is AWESOME! I’ve had it up to 55 km/h 😳. I love how you can trickle charge the battery while cruising downhill over 12mph in 1 or 0 pas mode as well. I invested in an extra battery just in case, but I don’t think you have to because they last a long time! I almost always use throttle only and have never had the battery under 50 percent. This bike is very heavy and can be awkward to fold up, but once you have the handlebars off and the frame folded it will fit in the back of a mini Cooper. Shipping was a couple of weeks late and Engwe credited me back 50 EUR. All in all and bang for your buck this e-bike rocks! 

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  13. Cassey Odle

    All right, except I ordered gray and got black
    But its darker and now I love it

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  14. Patty Balser


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  15. JoeY

    I bought two of these on engwe.net directly

    Good Bike for this money u bought 2 for lower price

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  16. Miriam Perry

    When arrived bike had to be a little bit adjusted, tightened bolts and screws, but overall I am very satisfied of this bike! Nice product!

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  17. Mahi Reid

    I give 5 star
    Bike deserves

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  18. Tim

    a tank

    Well, I’ve had ebikes for years, but none were great in bad weather or on cracked roads. This gem is perfect. It’s a tank. The only flaw is no instruction manual. Overall I highly recommend

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    more informetion

    to go work two times a week

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  20. Samuel Folledo

    Fast but that’s it

    After almost 2 months here is my reviewPros- Fast, 45 km/h at the max battery, 35 km/h when it’s the lower battery- The paint is pretty weather resistant but it can scratch after a couple of bumps- USB is nice to have but USB charge pretty slow which can be good or bad- wheels are good- front light is good but rear light not really but still nice to have- my first issue is that the tools it came with cannot safely/properly install the pedals. ENGWE was nice enough to refund 40EUR and send a parts replacement to avoid a return. Although the part replacement works it is not the same, had silver (losing all black color) and does not fully cover the chains unlike the original one- the handlebar shape will not allow you to install a phone holder and other accessories as it bends, so this was replaced with a straight handlebar- chair is good for a 10mins ride after that feel the pain, so this was replaced as well with a wider seat- rear seat/bracket is very thick (good for heavy things) and did not allow me to attach any rear basket. So for extra storage, you have to get their own brand rear bag 

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  21. Michael H


    Man, I love this bike! I have to search for a while for an e-bike like this one, with hydraulic brakes, dual suspensions, and anti-puncture fat tires to name a few. Go get one and stop thinking about it you won’t regret it I assure you. If have any questions e-mail them, and they will get back to you sooner than you think. 

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  22. Antonio Levine

    Excellent bike! Really quick with a lot of nice details! Kudos to ENGWE.IT for answering quickly!

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  23. Jeffb1020

    Sturdy, good power control, not as fast as I hoped

    This is a very sturdy E bike (about 29 kilograms). Excellent battery life (48v 12.8ah), assembly was less than 60 minutes which included 30 minutes to unbox and cut all the zip ties. Arrived 5 days early, with no damage, and is the most comfortable (seat and suspension) ebike I have had as it has both fork and rear suspension. If you only want to go about 40 kilometers per hour on a flat surface, it is a perfect bike as the Newton Meters are only about 60 on this device. I have had it up to 46km/h going down a hill with a strong wind, but it will only cruise at about 35 so commuting is a little slower than other bikes I have owned, but going 50km/h on a sidewalk/bike path is not very smart anyway. Excellent construction, high-quality battery, and low NM (60) torque, so you won’t be climbing steep hills without extra effort. This is my 4th ebike and this one where I now have 1000 kilometers on it, I will keep due to how comfortable it is with the rear suspension, how sturdy it is even though it weighs more than most other bikes this size, and what was really important to me, the color LCD that I can see in bright sunlight and provides additional information such as wattage, time, cruise control, light sensing display that turns on the head and tail lights in low light and battery percentage left. There were no defects on this bike and the few rattles from the fenders were easy to fix with velcro straps. The battery also rattled but a couple of cork pads took care of that. A really good bike, that is fun, and turns out I ride it almost every day when not raining. 

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  24. Melissa Luther

    I like this ebike

    After I carefully selected online and decided to buy at this store,Sure enough, it didn’t disappoint me. Whether it is from the bicycle model or riding, I feel very comfortable, And it is very convenient to carry, does not occupy space, is a very good choice.

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  25. woodruuum6

    In the beginning couple little niggles but is resolved.

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  26. Jamel ben mabrouk

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  27. Winston Hyde

    Very cool bike. Folding intuitive.

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  28. Zoraida Swick

    It’s a Very nice bike, runs smoothly. Had some work to assemble, but all ok now. Took some time to get here, but eventually, it arrived by UPS in 6 days.

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  29. shaany K

    TWO morels I paid and received one but then the next day came another, so I am sorry for my angry emails. Is all ok, I enjoy biking almost every day.

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  30. Richard Smith

    NO words for this one…Just GOOD

    Pure FUN… with an electric motor. 

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  31. Craig Piro

    Very accurate

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  32. NOMAR


    The four stars is a reflection on the part of the seller for not providing the appropriate assembly instruction and not of the product itself (Engwe pro engine). The assembly instruction is a generic one that came from the manufacturer vice the seller and applies to bikes that were shipped 90+% assembled. The bikes (2) that I received were 80+% assembled and it took me almost two hours to figure out how to put the first one together. Videos online were no help since they only applied to those shipped 90% complete. Note to the seller; do your customers a favor and provide an “addendum” to the assembly instructions that came from the manufacturer. As for the e-bike itself, I have searched long and hard and settled for what I think the most feature set for my money and my limited riding experience so far indicates spot on! 

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  33. Stephen Spann

    The look fit and finish is spot on, great quality for the price.

    Love this bike, it has renewed my enthusiasm for riding a bicycle again. It’s the star of the show when sitting in the park on it, or riding it. It’s definitely a head-turner. People who would normally never speak are actually walking up and asking all kinds of questions about this bike. Great quality! 

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  34. David v palmegiano

    This bike is awesome.

    This is my second e-bike now since I was hit by a car on my pasalec px7 about a month back. I liked that bike but loved my ep-2. For one the battery lasts 3 times as long as my old bike. I can go about 50 kilometers on the highest setting. And speed is a true 45 km/h on flat land. It’s ok on hills, it slows down considerably but it’s way better than a regular bike. It’s built well but is heavy like most folding fat tires in this price range. The front light is bright enough and the brake lights are great. Just wish they had directionals built in. Overall it’s a great bike and for the price, you can’t go wrong. 

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  35. GibsonPicker77

    Will not go into Renault Clio car trunk

    Basically a nice product. Chair chews tire side wall up in first gear! Chain derailer loading spring too loose chain comes off a lot! Not good on rough riding. It does go 45 KM/H on a flat area. Time will tell. A lot of money not to be spot on!

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  36. james

    Direct buy from engwe

    I bought this Engwe engine pro upgrade version. My inseam is 29 inches, and I’m about 250 lbs. The Egnwe is so much more comfortable. Brakes are good seat is okay enough, and it propels nicely on flat surfaces. When placed into assist 2-0 regen does come on, and slows the bike some on my hills, saving brakes. Comes on about 25 kilometers an hour. Also, in assist 0 I can pedal about 30 kilometers an hour on flats, and activate the regenerative feature. But its works 🙂 could use taller front gear, or drive to assist with high-speed pedaling. There is a grinding noise sometimes, sounds like front fender scrapes, but has plenty of clearance. Maybe I don’t have the front tire perfectly aligned and brake rubs. Put it on the stand, lean it so the back tire is off the ground, and throttle it. Diff wheel sizes input on controller gives diff speeds:-) controller limits to 50 km/h. Change to 26 in tire setting gives 75 kmh unloaded. The 20-inch setting gives like 50.. I found that interesting. Also, when the pedal assists five press + one more time and it blinks once put into full power mode. Honestly, i couldn’t tell the diff. The headlight seems adequate, but the back taillight needs some salsa… it could be a little spicier.. and only the outer edges light up. Activate brakes and they get a little brighter. Yeah! Still weak though. Put it through its paces, 20km, hills, flats, and fast roads. Ended up at 68 percent when finally settled down. I was at 40 percent on way home. Give a chance for cells to settle, balance, whatever, went back to 68 as I said.
    Take your new bike outside, air up the tires, and have the neighbors stare at you in perplexity as you try to ride a bike you forgot to put pedals on and yell “bucket! It’s electric!” And zoom off with your feet in the air because you don’t have anything to rest them on. Then come back and install the pedals, and you are set! Yeah! Ebikness!

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  37. Engweibuy

    Read the reviews before purchase

    Build quality seems to be on point. Overall appearance is pretty cool, like the matte black paint. Also, like the wheels the mag wheels. Definitely like the hydraulic brakes and the dual suspension. Few things that I don’t like, one being the seat. Handlebars are quite narrow compared to my other E-bike. Fenders’ rattle makes the bike rides a bit noisy. My main dislike is that performance is not quite what it should be for a 750 W E-bike. The top speed is only 35 kilometers an hour and 45 if you unlock it. Doesn’t seem to be any more powerful or faster than my 500 W E-bike. Also, the manual was subpar when trying to figure out what the parameters are on the display module. Customer service for this particular bike was OK. 

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  38. Steven

    Nice ride

    Runs smooth and feels great, it is turning heads. 

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  39. Andrew

    Cruise control is very good

    Strong body and frame

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  41. Javier Molinoqe

    Shopkeeper sincere and professional reply within 24 hours you messages fantastic a strong hug and thank you all

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  42. mimstyle

    Je crois que c’est le vélo le plus incroyable que je n’ai jamais eu !
    Très puissant (1500w au max), solide, très confortable.


    + PROS: Super rapide, très bonne reprise, beau, très bon matériel installé dessus?
    - CONS: Poids
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  43. Huteau Stéphane

    Est-ce que vous pouvez me dire comment démonter le pédalier côté gauche de mon vélo ??

    + PROS: Très bien
    - CONS: Dur d'avoir un contact
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    • PayHelp

      Bonjour Huteau,

      Voici une vidéo montrant comment retirer le pédalier et le capteur d’un Engine PRO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhPhdBVuebw

      J’espère que cela vous aidera et n’hésitez pas à nous écrire à support@engwe.net si vous avez besoin d’aide supplémentaire !

      Équipe d’assistance Engwe

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  44. Pietro

    Je viens de recevoir mon Engine pro 750 « amelioré ». Livré en 8 jours. Emballage très complet , chaque pièce est protégée. Pas de difficultés majeures à le monter bien que le mode d’emploi soit inexistant( seul mauvais point). J ai un peu galéré avec le guidon mais ça marche. Le vélo est effectivement lourd mais très maniable et très beau . Selle super confortable, suspension AV/AR au top avec un confort de conduite incroyable. Les freins hydrauliques avant et arrière sont un vrai plus. L éclairage est aussi très bon et les informations sur sélecteur très intuitives et complètes. Reste à valider l’ autonomie en tout électrique. En un mot J adore ce vélo

    + PROS: Monté à 70%. Conception très robuste et esthétique. Puissance et confort au top avec un excellent rapport qualité prix
    - CONS: Pas de mode d’emploi
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    • PayHelp

      Bonjour Pietro,

      Merci d’avoir partagé vos commentaires et de nous avoir informés que vous avez bien reçu votre vélo et que vous l’avez adoré. Nous sommes heureux de proposer à nos clients des produits de qualité.

      L’équipe de support Engwe

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  45. Jacenty

    Rowerek fajny wygodny ale nie do dźwigania na piętra. Chcącym dokonać zakupu radzę pierw zorientować się że zakupienie przekładni która jednak się zużywa to wielki problem jeśli w ogóle coś takiego jest dostępne gdziekolwiek, informacji o modelu takowej części nie znajdziesz nigdzie……

    + PROS: Wygodny
    - CONS: Wady konstrukcyjne, łańcuch trze o oponę SUPPORT, TO DNO.
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    • PayHelp

      Witaj Jacenty,

      Bardzo dziękujemy za podzielenie się swoją opinią z nami i naprawdę doceniamy Twoje zainteresowanie. Chcielibyśmy zapewnić Cię, że wszystkie niezbędne części są dostępne. Prosimy o kontakt za pośrednictwem e-maila na support@engwe.net, a z przyjemnością pomożemy Ci w zorganizowaniu potrzebnej części zamiennych do Twojego roweru. Warto zauważyć, że chociaż nie sprzedajemy części zamiennych bezpośrednio na naszej stronie internetowej, to z pewnością możemy zorganizować ich dostawę dla Ciebie.


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  46. Limbourg Hugo

    J’ai un Engine Pro, j’en suis très content, mais comme je fais le chabert avec de manière permanente, le vélo souffre énormément. J’ai déjà fait appel au service technique, j’ai rapidement reçu les pèces qu’il me fallait pour entretenir et réparer mon vélo.
    Par contre je recherche un nouvel axe de pédalier pour mon vélo et là, j’ai difficile à me faire comprendre du service après vente chinois. Je pense que j’ai une bille de roulement qui est cassée, et aimerai changer cet axe qui n’est plus au top de sa forme.

    + PROS: Solide malgré qu'il soit pliable. De très bons freins et une batterie suffisante pour faire des promenades de 60-75 km en mode détente et 45-60 km en mode chabert off-road.
    - CONS: Il est lourd et ne rentre pas dans le coffre de toute les voitures.
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    • PayHelp

      Bonjour Limbourg,

      Merci de nous faire part de vos commentaires. Nous offrons le meilleur support après-vente. Veuillez contacter notre équipe à support@engwe.net et nous serons heureux de vous aider.


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  47. FOURMENT Pierre

    Après 2 ans d’utilisation et environ 1700 Kms, je voulais témoigner (71 ans et 100kgs) de ma pleine satisfaction concernant ce vélo. Aucun problème et beaucoup de plaisir.
    Je recommande à 100%. Excellent rapport qualité/prix. Que du plaisir.
    Merci ENGUIE.

    + PROS: TB rapport Q/P Solide et fiable Très bien équipé Confortable Batterie performante
    - CONS: Assez lourd pour un pliable
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    • PayHelp

      Bonjour FOURMENT,

      Merci de nous faire part de vos commentaires. Nous sommes heureux que vous soyez satisfait de votre vélo.

      N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions !

      Équipe Engwe

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  48. Vicent Gari Isach

    Mi humilde opinión la publicaré despues de probar esta bicicleta. De momento tengo la condicion de futuro usuario, La máquina la pedi a Engwe el dia 29 de mayo y espero recibirla en 3-10 dias, según Engwe. Sí que puedo expresar mi opinion como usuario de una E-MTB de montaña con la que llevo 4000 Km. y con la experiencia adquirida hasta ahora y por todo lo que he leido sobre mi futura y nueva E-Engue Engine Pro, y he visto en videos, espero superar algunos aspectos de lo experimentado hasta la fecha. Con todo, escribiré mis impresiones sobre los ‘PROS’ y los ‘CONS’.

    + PROS: Valoro positivamente la doble suspension, las ruedas de 20" x 4" (FAT), los detalles que no son habituales encontrar en otras máquinas incluso bastante mas caras, como la iluminación automatizada y las variadas configuraciones que son posibles para personalizar una bicicleta electrica, por lo menos para una persona como yo, que soy bastente mayor de edad.
    - CONS: Lo que describiré aquí son solo dos aspectos, y que en realidad, son preguntas que desearia que alguien me contestara, o, por lo menos comentara. ¿SE PUEDEN TUBELIZAR ESTAS RUEDAS? (Desde que tubelizé mi actual E-MTB no he vuelto a pinchar ninguna rueda). ¿SE PUEDE INSTALAR UNA TIJA TELESCÓPICA? (Poder adaptar la altura en función del tipo ruta i/o condicion del ciclista, lo considero importanatísimo. Yo lo utilizo siempre). Las 5 estrellas deseo que se consideren como expresion de las opiniones de otros usuarios y de los videos visualizados.
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    • PayHelp

      Hola Vicente,

      Gracias por compartir tus pensamientos. Esperamos recibir sus comentarios detallados.

      Equipo inglés

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  49. Hansi franke

    Gutes fahrad

    - CONS: Finde nichts wegen Display Sperre Code falsch eingegeben kann es nicht mehr startenh
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  50. juan david ordoñez

    hola, quiero limitar la bicicleta a 25 km hora pero no me deja, como puedo hacerlo?

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  51. Vicent Gari Isach

    Ahora ya estoy utilizando mi Engwi y, aunque aun no he relizado todas las pruebas puedo decir, que si la suspension funcionara como esperaba de ella y como dicen otros evaluadores, le podria asignar las 5 estrellas. Por lo visto me ha tocado a mi la unica Engwi con la horquilla delantera i la suspension central, que de vista estan muy bien per no funcionan en absoluto. He intentado que algun taller me lo solucione, pero tampoco lo encuentro. Ahora eligiria otra que a ser posible tuviese el respaldo tecnico necesario.

    + PROS: Excepto las suspensiones, todo me parece bien.
    - CONS: Las suspensiones un fracaso que decepcionan a cualquiera.
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