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Engwe E26: Expected to be in stock by mid-May.

The Engwe E26 is the ultimate all-terrain electric bike that combines power, comfort, and style. With its unmatched torque, extended range, and exceptional comfort, the E26 is designed to take your riding experience to new heights.


Engwe E26: The Ultimate All-Terrain Electric Bike🏆

Experience the pinnacle of riding thrills with the Engwe E26, elevating your ride to the ultimate level

Are you tired of the same old commute? Do you crave a thrilling ride that combines power, comfort, and style? Look no further than the Engwe E26, the ultimate all-terrain electric bike. With its unmatched torque, extended range, and exceptional comfort, the E26 is designed to conquer any terrain and make every journey a breeze. Whether you’re navigating the city streets or exploring the great outdoors, the Engwe E26 is your ticket to a delightful and exhilarating ride.

Engwe E26 Electric Bike Smart Display, LED Lights, and Multiple Riding Modes. Engwe E26 Electric Bike Simple, Powerful, Eco Friendly Engwe E26 Electric Bike Speed and Sustainability for All Engwe E26 Electric Bike Powerful Performance, Eco-Friendly, and Long Lasting Battery

Engwe E26 Main features and advantages

  • Shimano 7-speed gearbox for effortless gear changes and adaptability.
  • Powerful 250W brushless motor with 70Nm torque and 30° climbing ability.
  • Front suspension fork for a comfortable ride on any terrain.
  • Removable 48V 16Ah Lithium battery with a 140km range on a single charge.
  • High-performance 26×4.0-inch fat tires for all-terrain excursions.
  • Available in step-through and step-over models to suit individual preferences.
  • Sturdy rear rack with a 55 lbs (25kg) load capacity for added practicality.
  • Hydraulic braking system for enhanced safety and control.
  • Suspension Comfort Seat for a smooth ride on any terrain.
  • Available in three vibrant colors: Galaxy Gray, Bumblebee Yellow, and Gem Blue.
  • LED Headlight and Taillight for improved visibility and safety.
  • Colorful LCD Display to monitor speed, distance, battery level, and more.

Engwe E26 Electric Bike Shimano 7 gears

Shimano 7 gears

Adaptability is key for an electric bike, and the Engwe E26 excels in this aspect. Thanks to its Shimano 7-speed gearbox, gear changes become effortless, resulting in a smooth and seamless riding experience. Whether you’re cruising on flat roads or conquering steep hills, the E26’s gear system empowers you to find the ideal gear ratio for peak performance.

Powerful Brushless Motor

Boasting an impressive 70Nm of torque, this electric bike is your key to conquering a wide range of hills. Equipped with a 250W brushless motor and an astounding 30° maximum climbing ability, the Engwe E26 ensures a smooth and enjoyable riding experience, effortlessly tackling steep inclines and challenging terrains.

Engwe E26 Electric Bike Suspension fork

Front Suspension Fork

Elevate your riding experience with the Engwe E26’s front suspension fork, designed for exceptional comfort on any terrain. Whether you encounter potholes, bumps, or uneven surfaces, this advanced suspension system expertly absorbs shocks and vibrations, ensuring a consistently smooth and comfortable ride.

Removable 48V 16Ah Battery

Featuring a removable 48V 16Ah Lithium battery offering an impressive 140km range on a single charge. Ideal for daily commutes and weekend getaways, its removable battery ensures uninterrupted rides and convenient indoor charging. Plus, owning a spare battery doubles your riding distance, making longer trips a breeze. Explore new horizons with the Engwe E26’s versatility and convenience.

Engwe E26 26x4 fat tires

26×4.0-inch Fat Tires

Equipped with top-quality 26×4.0 inch fat tires, the Engwe E26 Electric Bike is expertly engineered for all-terrain excursions. These adaptable tires provide remarkable grip on various surfaces such as pavement, snow, sand, and even demanding off-road jungle environments. Enjoy unmatched stability and control while smoothly navigating different terrains with the MX06 Electric Bike’s high-performance fat tires.

Tailored Variants for Discerning Riders

At Engwe, we prioritize individual preferences. That’s why we proudly offer the E26 in both step-through and step-over models, accommodating a diverse spectrum of riding styles. Whether you seek the convenience of a step-through frame or the timeless aesthetics of a step-over design, the Engwe E26 has a variant perfectly aligned with your taste and comfort.

Engwe E26 ebike rear carrierSturdy Rear Rack

The Engwe E26 isn’t just about power and comfort—it’s also crafted for practicality. Featuring a robust rear rack boasting a 55 lbs (25kg) load capacity, this electric bike offers unmatched convenience. Whether you’re transporting groceries, a backpack, or essential items, the E26’s rear rack is your trusted companion. Securely strap your belongings and ride with confidence, knowing everything you need is at your fingertips.

Hydraulic Brakes System

Prioritizing your safety above all else, the Engwe E26 features a hydraulic braking system that delivers uncompromising stopping power, significantly enhancing your safety and control while riding. Whether you require swift stops in emergencies or smooth navigation through bustling traffic, the E26’s precision hydraulic brakes provide the confidence you need. Ride with peace of mind, knowing that you can bring your electric bike to a safe and controlled halt whenever the situation demands it.

Engwe E26 Comfort seat with suspension

Suspension Comfort Seat

Experience the next level of comfort with the Engwe Suspension Seat. Designed with a cutting-edge suspension system, this seat absorbs shocks and vibrations, providing a smooth ride on any terrain. Whether you’re tackling rough trails or city streets, the Engwe Suspension Seat ensures a comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience.

Diverse Styles and Vibrant Colors

Style matters as much as performance in the world of electric bikes. Discover the Engwe E26, offering a choice of three elegant colors: Galaxy Grey, Bumblebee Yellow, and the distinctive Gem Blue. Select the shade that reflects your personality and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. With its sleek and fashionable design, the E26 is bound to capture attention and establish you as the envy of fellow cyclists.

Engwe E26 strong led front light

LED Headlight and Taillight

Engwe’s high-quality LED Headlight and Taillight set are designed to brighten up your journey with powerful illumination. Whether you’re cycling on a dark road or off-road trail, our lights will light up the path ahead, making navigation easier. Additionally, the taillight ensures that other road users can spot you from miles away, promoting safety and visibility. With a durable construction and long-lasting battery, this set is the perfect addition to any bicycle, providing peace of mind during your rides.

Colourful LCD Display

With its colorful and easy-to-read interface, you can effortlessly monitor your speed, distance, battery level, and other important information while on the go. Take control of your ride by adjusting pedal assist levels or activating the throttle mode, all at the touch of a button. The display also provides real-time data on your current riding parameters, ensuring you stay informed and in control every step of the way.

Premium Quality with Outstanding Affordability & Cheap price!🏆

Engwe® is dedicated to producing the most advanced electric bicycles by following the newest techniques and highest quality and production standards. Understanding that a good e-bike is not all that matters, Engwe® created an outstandingly cheap pricing model. We advise you to do your own research and compare Engwe® e-bikes with competitor models. We are confident that you can not find any other advanced bikes in such an affordable price range. Winner of advanced design, winner of the price! 🏆

Engwe EP-2 Pro Premium Quality

Engwe E26 Package includes

  1. E26 e-bike (75% pre-assembled)
  2. One Replaceable 48V16Ah Lithium Battery
  3. Battery Charger
  4. Assembly Tools
  5. User Manual

Engwe E26 Terms and Policies

Engwe E26 electric bikes

9.5Expert Score

Engwe E26: Expected to be in stock by mid-May.

The Engwe E26 is the ultimate all-terrain electric bike that combines power, comfort, and style. With its unmatched torque, extended range, and exceptional comfort, the E26 is designed to take your riding experience to new heights.

Specification: ENGWE E26

Battery Capacity (Ah)


Motor Peak Power (WATT)


Maximum Speed (KM/H)

25 KM/H

Braking system

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Wheel Size (inch)

26 x 4.0

Engwe Color

Bumblebee Yellow, Galaxy Grey, Gem Blue

Shimano Gears

7 speed

Charging Time (Hour)

5.5 – 6

Electric Mode Range (KM)

50 – 60

Pedal Assist Max Range (KM)


Rear Carrier Max Load (KG)

25 kg

Dimensions (cm)

194.5 x 118 x 75

Folded Dimensions (cm)


Saddle Height (cm)

90 – 102

Handlebar Height (cm)

118 – 120

Maximum Load (KG)


Suitable Height (cm)

165 – 200

Shock Absorber (Front)

Mechanical shock absorber

Shock Absorber (Rear)

High-performance movement shock absorber

Waterproof Rating (IPX)


Energy Recovery System



CE, EN 15194, RoHS

Warranty (Months)


9 reviews for ENGWE E26

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Mauro Manenti


    Comprata poco tempo fa, bici bellissima e che funziona perfettamente, oltre ogni aspettativa.

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    + PROS: TODO
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  3. samuele


    diciamo che la ENGWE E26 E bike si presenta molto bene,ben fatta tutti i particolari sono ben curati e molto robusta,nello sterrato va che una meraviglia, come durata della batteria se si usa con tranquillità si fanno tranquillamente (con pedalata assistita) più di 100 km. Prodotto veramente valido

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  4. Paul T.

    Nothing to complain about, the bike is going hard.
    Unbribed, it climbs to 47km.h by pedalling effortlessly, and 52 by providing a little effort.
    Has the gas stick alone it goes up to 35km.h
    Level autonomy I am around about 40km by essentially working the engine because I have to go up a hill at 10 + %
    On the 3km climb I am effortlessly at 33km.h average.

    Only cavorting the cracker which is bent, but there the save of the store and the Engwee brand have been very responsive and efficient.

    I will not hesitate for long I will afford a second bike next year to vary the pleasures

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  5. gianni sarnataro

    Bici bellissima

    Bici di ottima fatturaQualità premiumSoddisfatto

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  6. juan gallardo carrasco

    La bicicleta E26 esta autorizada para circular por las vias publicas sin problema de multas de trafico?

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    • PayHelp (store manager)

      Estimado Juan,

      Agradecemos mucho tus comentarios. Puedes estar tranquilo/a, la Engwe E-26 cumple con todos los requisitos legales y, por lo general, no se necesita licencia para su uso en carretera. Para consultas adicionales, no dudes en contactarnos por correo electrónico a support@engwe.net.

      Saludos cordiales,
      El equipo de Engwe

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    Bike molto solida , montata in modo impeccabile, veloce , frena benissimo . E TUTTO PERFETTO E SI PERCEPISCE CHE OGNI PEZZO DELLA BIKE È FORTE SOLIDO. SUPR SODDISFACENTE

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  8. Salvatore Nauta

    Causa lunga influenza e basse temperature, devo ancora provarla su strada.
    Non riesco a capire dove si trova la centralina della E26

    + PROS: Sembra eccellente
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    • PayHelp (store manager)

      Ciao Salvatore,

      Mi dispiace per la tua salute! Ci piacerebbe avere il tuo feedback non appena avrai la possibilità di provare la bici. Contatta il nostro team di supporto all’indirizzo support@engwe.net se hai bisogno di assistenza.

      Guarisci presto!

      Squadra Enwe

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  9. Vicente Domenech Ibañez

    Mi nombre es Vicente y tengo 62 años, actualmente practico mtb una media de 5 días a la semana, a una media entre 30 a 50 km al día, la E26 tiene muchas de las propiedades que adaptaría a mis necesidades solo a falta de un “sensor de torque” para que fuera la bicicleta perfecta, he revisado muchas marcas del mercado y solo están a falta de esta sugerencia que les hago para estar en el n º 1 de la lista, he llegado a la conclusión que ENGWE E 26 TIENE LA MEJOR
    RESPUESTA AL SERVICIO TECNICO Y la mejor gama de bicicletas eléctricas que se adaptan a todas las necesidades. Tengo planeado para el mes de Septiembre comprar mi próxima Ebike si todo sale según lo planeado y me gustaría que fuera ENGWE E26 (torque sensor). muchas gracias y un saludo

    + PROS: PROS: Modelo, robusta, autonomía, calidad-precio construcción, etc.......... (todo)
    - CONS: No tiene Sensor de torque, no entrega la potencia de forma uniforme hay que ir en la 5 potencia para desarrollar los 25 km/h lo que considero que es un error
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    • PayHelp (store manager)

      Estimado Vicente,

      ¡Agradecemos tu valiosa retroalimentación sobre nuestra bicicleta ENGWE E26! Nos alegra saber que has encontrado muchas características que se adaptan a tus necesidades. Tomamos en cuenta tu sugerencia sobre el sensor de torque y estamos comprometidos a mejorar continuamente.

      ¡Gracias por tu apoyo y confianza en nosotros!

      ¡Saludos cordiales!

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