26 x 4 inch
More comfortable
Deal Score+175
Deal Score+9
24 - 28 inch
Cheaper price
FAT TIRE vs THIN TIRETwo top selling ebikes!
Feels StableSolid stable ride
All-Terrain UseRoad, snow, beach, off-road
Shock ResistantAbsorbs extra shock
ManeuverabilityFaster turning
Superior TractionWider ground contact
Fast SpeedCompatible for high speeds

Fat-Tire vs. Thin-Tire Comparison

Comparison of tire specification and behavior

When it comes to tires for e-bikes, there are primarily two options: thin tires and fat tires. Both tires are different in size, maintenance needs, weight, price, and even pressure limits. Consequently, the kind of tires you choose will affect not only your speed but also the bike’s maneuverability, suspension, and how far you can ride.

Essentially, fat tires offer quite a lot of advantages over thin tires, especially for all-terrain use as well as for basic safety and stability on any road. Due to much larger tubes and tires, any shocks from bumps or holes will be much better absorbed, offering the rider a more comfortable experience.

What is Fat Tire e-bike?

Fat tires are large bike tires that are better for cruising rough terrain and uneven roads with higher speeds. This edge is why mountain e-bikes and off-road e-bikes have fat tires. Say you were traveling a road with loose sand or gravel, you’d be better off with fat tires on your e-bike.

They remain a favorite among outdoor cyclists and avid mountaineers because fat tire e-bikes have better balance and allow for easy control in those environments. In fact, they are the better option for riding hands-free.

Fat tire e-bikes have a width of about 4 – 5 inches and provide superior traction, making them suitable for any type of surface. They cut through the beach, mud, stony surfaces, and even on snowy roads with ease.

Due to the width of the tires, the pressure of the bike is significantly reduced, which lends the tire its solid traction. Inside it, the air pressure is between 10 – 30 PSI. All that added traction results in better stability and balance for the rider, although they’re slightly harder to pedal.

Also, there’s usually no need to worry about slipping when navigating wet slopes. However, they aren’t just meant for rough or slippery roads. They perform excellently on smooth asphalt surfaces as well, giving them the upper hand over thin tires.  

However, you should also know that a fatty is harder to patch on the go. Unlike thin tires, you’ll need more than one CO2 tank to air it up. Ideally, you’d need an electric pump for convenience, but it only takes 2 minutes to get it up and running again.

Overall, fat tires are practical and highly functional, and they have all the outdoor adventures you can imagine in store.   

The top selling fat tire ebikes are currently Engwe EP-2 Pro Electric Bike and Engwe Engine Pro ebike.


🔻 Fat tire e-bikes are great for mountaineers and off-road traveling

🔻 The fat tires can provide better shock absorption

🔻 They have a firmer grip than thin tire e-bikes, making them ideal for rough terrains.

🔻 It’s easier to apply brakes and maneuver with fat tire e-bikes than thin tire e-bikes.

🔻 With fat tire e-bikes, you can cover more distance at a controlled speed.

🔻 Fat tires are usually aesthetic and ubiquitous in appearance.

🔻 Fat tire e-bikes are great for any type of weather because they’re designed for all-weather flexibility.

🔻 Fat tires are generally considered safer compared to thin tire e-bikes.

🔻 The air pressure of fat tires can be adjusted accordingly


🔻 Fat tire e-bikes are more costly than thin tire e-bikes to buy and maintain, 

🔻 Fat tire ebikes are usually heavy and are harder to pedal.

🔻 Most fat tires require extra maintenance if they’re not used for an extended period.

🔻 Finding fat tire ebikes parts for replacement can be very difficult because they’re often hard to come by.

🔻 With same wheel dimension, fat tire bikes have larger outer diameters, so 26 inch fat tire ebikes may be too tall for people under 160cm.

🔻 They’re harder to repair on the go.

What Is Thin Tire e-bike?

Thin tires are narrow, smoothly treaded tires commonly used for city-road cycling, such as racing and commuting. They provide a firm grip that allows for easy handling, especially if you’re a fan of bike racing. Thin tires have always been around for all bike types, including e-bikes. They are known for their speed due to their smoothness and trim shape.

Thin tires are usually between 1.5 to 2.5 inches in width. Their small size makes them easier to ride since they’re usually lightweight. The sheer size of fat tires means they weigh more in comparison to thin tires. However, fat tires are better for rough terrain.

One big plus thin tire e-bike riders enjoy is that the gears are pretty strairtforward to adjust. Also, pedaling is more manageable, especially when shifting gears.

Another edge is has over fat tires is high air pressure. In real-life use, this means that thin tires do not get punctured as easily. Most thin tire e-bike riders can’t afford to spend time fixing tires on their busy commute, so this is a big plus.

Thin tire e-bikes also tend to last longer than other types of e-bike tires. If you need an electric bike that helps you commute easily within a city, you should consider getting a thin tire e-bike.


🔻 Thin tire e-bikes are usually faster since the tires are designed for speed.

🔻 They’re usually affordable due to mass production as a result of their popularity.

🔻 You can trust its excellent grip.

🔻 Thin tire e-bikes are easier to handle, hence best for new ebike riders.

🔻 They’re very efficient, especially for covering large distances withlittle effort. 

🔻 They tolerate more rolling resistance levels thanfat tires

🔻 Thin tire e-bikes have fewer traction threads that make for easy movement along smooth surfaces

🔻 You won’t needto replace your tires as much.

🔻 Thin tire e-bikes are usually durable.


🔻 Thin tires are not ideal for rough, uneven road surfaces

🔻 They’re not suitable for mountaineering or off-road traveling

🔻 Thin tires do not allow for over throttling as it can cause accidents on busy roads.

🔻 Brakes need to be applied gently on thin tires to maintain control.

🏆 Winner: FAT TIRE

Summary of the Fat-Tire vs. Thin-Tire comparison

As good as thin tires may be in some cases when choosing tires for a fast electric bike, fat tires are highly recommended or even necessary. As soon as the electric bike reaches speed over 20km/h or even up to 45 km/h, you want the fat tires for extra stability and your personal safety. Comparison of tire specification and behavior.

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  1. ENGWE EP-2 PRO - Original price was: 1.049€.Current price is: 999€.

    Reviewed on March 11, 2024 by PayHelp

    Hallo Xandra,

    Hij wordt geleverd met een accu van 13 Ah, maar u kunt ook een accu van 16 Ah plaatsen om het vermogen te vergroten. De 16Ah-accu wordt niet bij de fiets geleverd, u kunt deze hier bestellen: https://engue.net/shop/engwe-accessories/lithium-ion-16ah-battery-for-engine-pro-16ah-version- of-ep-2-pro%ef%bc%8813ah-versie/


  2. ENGWE EP-2 PRO - Original price was: 1.049€.Current price is: 999€.

    Reviewed on March 7, 2024 by Xandra

    Wat betekent de zin, er wordt een extra accu 16ah bij geleverd ? Bij ons zit er geen extra accu bij.

    + PROS: Fiets net een halve dag en nog niet gebruikt. Eerste indruk is goed!
    - CONS: Aanknop vinden is lastig.
  3. ENGWE EP-2 PRO - Original price was: 1.049€.Current price is: 999€.

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    Hello Bengt,

    I am sorry at the moment we don’t offer phone support. Could you please send us an at support@engwe.net and our team will get back to within 24 hours?


  4. ENGWE EP-2 PRO - Original price was: 1.049€.Current price is: 999€.

    Reviewed on March 6, 2024 by Bengt Myckelberg

    I need a telefonnumber. I need to order a contoller. The number on the sight is not in use. I live in sweden

  5. ENGWE EP-2 PRO - Original price was: 1.049€.Current price is: 999€.

    Reviewed on February 12, 2024 by PayHelp

    Hallo David,

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  1. ENGWE ENGINE PRO - Original price was: 1.499€.Current price is: 1.479€.

    Reviewed on July 24, 2024 by Vicent Gari Isach

    Ahora ya estoy utilizando mi Engwi y, aunque aun no he relizado todas las pruebas puedo decir, que si la suspension funcionara como esperaba de ella y como dicen otros evaluadores, le podria asignar las 5 estrellas. Por lo visto me ha tocado a mi la unica Engwi con la horquilla delantera i la suspension central, que de vista estan muy bien per no funcionan en absoluto. He intentado que algun taller me lo solucione, pero tampoco lo encuentro. Ahora eligiria otra que a ser posible tuviese el respaldo tecnico necesario.

    + PROS: Excepto las suspensiones, todo me parece bien.
    - CONS: Las suspensiones un fracaso que decepcionan a cualquiera.
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    Aquí hay un video que muestra cómo puede limitar la velocidad en su ENGWE ENGINE PRO.


    ¡Gracias y por favor avíseme si tiene alguna pregunta!


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    hola, quiero limitar la bicicleta a 25 km hora pero no me deja, como puedo hacerlo?

  4. ENGWE ENGINE PRO - Original price was: 1.499€.Current price is: 1.479€.

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    Gutes fahrad

    - CONS: Finde nichts wegen Display Sperre Code falsch eingegeben kann es nicht mehr startenh
  5. ENGWE ENGINE PRO - Original price was: 1.499€.Current price is: 1.479€.

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