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Advanced upgrades
EP-2 PRO vs ENGINE PROTwo top selling ebikes!
Fat Tires4” x 20 fat tire
Smart LCD displayWith basic settings
Color LCD displayWith advanced settings
Rear Shock AbsorberHydraulic Shock Absorbing
Hydraulic disc brakingBraking system
USB Charging PortCharge your smartphone
Battery Re-chargeBattery charge while riding
MotorPeak power in watt
1000 (peak)
Battery capacityIn ampere hours
Shimano® shifterNumber of gears
Electric mode rangeEstimated in kilometers
50 - 60
60 - 70
Rear carrierCarrying capacity in kilogram
Maximum speedSpeed in km/h in sport mode

Compare Engwe EP-2 PRO with Engwe ENGINE PRO

Specification Comparison and Reviews

As a famous brand for manufacturing quality and cost-effective electric bicycles, Engwe is popular among cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. In the year 2022, Engwe EP-2 pro and Engwe Engine Pro made it into the top 10 most hot-selling electric bikes in European Union. Although they are both quite fascinating electric bicycles with outstanding pricing, there are differences between them. Here is an article making a side-by-side comparison between them.


Engwe EP-2 Pro vs Engwe Engine Pro: Fat Tire Ebikes

Both of them are popular fat-fire e-bikes.


The tire size of Engwe EP-2 Pro and Engwe Engine Pro are both 20 x 4 inches, that’s why they are suitable for any kind of surface. Having an electric motor on a fat bike increases the fun factor tremendously – you can really explore places you wouldn’t have had in the past and with the added boost of the motor, you don’t have to worry about steep hills anymore. With a 750W powerful brushless motor, both Engwe EP-2 Pro and Engwe Engine Pro can climb max. 30 degrees slope. Please note that the climbing ability of an electric bicycle is related to the rider’s weight and battery power, so the actual maximum climbing angle may be different.

Engwe Engine Pro is slightly faster than EP-2 Pro with a longer maximum range

Higher maximum speed, longer range, and faster acceleration.


A bit higher battery capacity of Engwe Engine Pro together with a stronger motor that peaks power of 1000 W, results in a higher maximum speed of 5 KM/H, a longer maximum range of 10 KM, and a bit faster acceleration. The differences are not great, so the famous EP-2 Pro is only slightly behind its big brother Engine Pro.

Pedal Assist Max Range (KM)

🏆 Winner: ENGINE PRO

Engwe EP-2 Pro vs Engwe Engine Pro: Differences in Braking System

Hydraulic Disc Braking vs. Mechanical Disc Braking

Engwe EP-2 Pro uses a mechanical disc braking system and Engwe Engine Pro uses hydraulic dis braking system. Both of the systems have the same essential parts but differ in the technology used to make them work.

In the mechanical brake, the force applied to the lever is transferred to one of the pads (not both) through a tensioned brake cable. In the hydraulic brake, the force applied to the lever is transferred to the pistons in the caliper – and from there to the two brake pads – through a fluid (mineral or synthetic oil, depending on the brand of the brake). Due to the pressure exerted by this fluid, the brake pads eventually move to compress the disc and thereby slow the movement of the wheel.


On wet or slippery terrain, a hydraulic disc braking system is better.


The reasons are:

  1. Hydraulic disc brake offers more linear and progressive braking(at least to most). The wheels will not lock suddenly, reducing the risk of a fall and promoting better control and handling of the bike.
  2. The circuit of a hydraulic disc brake is completely closed and more sealed. On mechanical disc brakes, the cable is exposed at its connection to the caliper. It is therefore more likely that water will come into contact with it, enter the circuit, and modify its operation, reducing the braking power.

The hydraulic disc braking system is more durable and easier to maintain.

If your e-bike has a hydraulic disc braking system, you just need to check and maintain the system once a year. And the mechanical disc brake requires periodic adjustments to calibrate its power and modulation, by tightening or loosening the cable. Since the pads tend to wear out more quickly, their durability is more limited than that of hydraulic brakes.


Mechanical disc braking is more affordable

A mechanical disc braking system is almost half the price of a hydraulic disc braking system. That’s one of the reasons why Engwe Ep-2 Pro is more affordable than Engwe Engine Pro.


🏆 Winner: ENGINE PRO

Engwe EP-2 Pro vs Engwe Engine Pro: Differences in Shock Absorbing System

Hydraulic Shock Absorbing vs Mechanical Shock Absorbing

The shock absorbing system is an essential part of mountain e-bikes, they absorb and damp shock impulses to ensure comfortable riding. The difference is the mechanical or hydraulic device.

As its name implied, a hydraulic shock absorber works with hydraulic: fluid in the shock absorber is forced to flow through restricted outlets and valve systems, generating hydraulic resistance and absorbing kinetic energy. This is a suspension system commonly used in cars because it can provide smoother shock absorption and improve comfort.

Hard Tail vs. Full Suspension

Engwe Engine Pro has a lockable front fork suspension as Engwe EP-2 Pro, the difference is, Engwe EP-2 Pro is a hard-tailed electric bike, and Engwe Engine Pro has a rear suspension.

A hard-tail electric bike is more effective when pedaling, so it will be faster on hills and smooth trails. With no extra suspension system, the weight will be lighter. That’s why Engwe EP-2 Pro is an ideal electric bike for commuting and off-road riding.

A full-suspension electric bike can absorb vibration better and it is more comfortable to use than a hard-tail mountain bike. If you want to use a bike often on rough and uneven terrain, or if you are an experienced mountain biker, it is better to choose Engwe Engine Pro to ensure comfort, maximum grip, and reduce fatigue on the roads.

🏆 Winner: ENGINE PRO

Engwe EP-2 Pro vs Engwe Engine Pro: Differences in Gears and variable speed

7 gears vs 8 gears

Both Engwe EP-2 Pro and Engwe Engine Pro use high-quality Shimano® variable speeds, and Engwe Engine Pro has 1 extra gear. More gears allow riders to have a more refined speed-shifting experience, and to adapt to climbing, slippery ground, and various terrain.

Upgraded motor

Engwe Engine Pro uses an upgraded motor, that’s why when both of them have 750W power motors, Engwe Engine Pro can reach a faster maximum speed with peak power exceeding 1000W. It should be noted here that the maximum speed of an electric bicycle is related to the rider’s weight, battery power, and terrain, so the maximum speed it can achieve is different under different circumstances.

Shimano Gears

🏆 Winner: ENGINE PRO

Engwe EP-2 Pro vs Engwe Engine Pro: Differences in LCD Display

Compare to Engwe EP-2 Pro, Engwe Engine Pro has a more advanced LCD screen, it’s a multi-color screen, and the size is bigger. It is more detailed in speed display, displaying real-time speed, maximum speed, and average speed. It also supports the setting of various parameters, such as wheel diameter, speed limit, battery power setting, PAS parameter setting, etc.

🏆 Winner: ENGINE PRO

Engwe EP-2 Pro vs Engwe Engine Pro: Differences in Backseat

Engwe Engine Pro has a stronger back seat, if you often carry things with your electric bike, Engwe Engine Pro is a better choice for you.

Rear Carrier Max Load (KG)

🏆 Winner: ENGINE PRO

Summary of the comparison

Engwe EP-2 Pro is a more cost-effective choice if you ride it for commuting and not-so-intense off-road riding. Engwe Engine Pro is designed to adapt to more complex and diverse pavements and terrains, its hydraulic braking system and full suspension will provide a smoother and more comfortable cycling experience. Budget is also an important factor. Engwe EP-2 PRO will satisfy most users but without the budget limit, the ENGWE ENGINE PRO will do everything just u bit better and is therefore more recommended option.

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  1. ENGWE EP-2 PRO - 999

    Reviewed on February 12, 2024 by PayHelp

    Hallo David,

    Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback! Bitte wenden Sie sich an unser Support-Team unter support@engwe.net. Das Team hilft Ihnen gerne bei der Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung.


  2. ENGWE EP-2 PRO - 999

    Reviewed on February 11, 2024 by David

    Hallo eine Frage ho una engwe ep-2 pro Ich habe etwas auf dem Display berührt und leider fährt das Fahrrad jetzt nur noch 7 km/h und läuft nicht mehr. Kann mir jemand sagen, wie ich es auf die normale Anzeige zurücksetzen kann? Danke

    + PROS: 4
    - CONS: 5
  3. ENGWE EP-2 PRO - 999

    Reviewed on February 3, 2024 by PayHelp

    Hola manuel,

    Envíenos un correo electrónico a support@engwe.net y nuestro equipo de soporte estará encantado de proporcionarle el certificado de conformidad.

    Equipo inglés

  4. ENGWE EP-2 PRO - 999

    Reviewed on February 3, 2024 by PayHelp

    Hola Pablo,

    Sí, ofrecemos financiación con Klarna. ¡No dude en visitar nuestro sitio web y enviarnos un correo electrónico a support@engwe.net si tiene alguna pregunta!

    Equipo inglés

  5. ENGWE EP-2 PRO - 999

    Reviewed on February 3, 2024 by PayHelp

    Bonjour Dušan,

    Nous vous remercions d’avoir pris le temps de partager vos commentaires détaillés avec nous. Nous apprécions sincèrement vos idées et observations concernant votre expérience avec notre vélo. Nous sommes heureux d’apprendre que, dans l’ensemble, vous trouvez que le vélo est de bonne qualité et que vous êtes satisfait de ses performances. Vos commentaires sur l’emballage, le processus d’assemblage et les conseils d’utilisation sont précieux pour nous, et nous les prendrons certainement en compte pour de futures améliorations. Si vous avez d’autres questions ou préoccupations, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter. Nous sommes là pour vous aider. Merci encore d’avoir choisi notre vélo.

    L’équipe Engwe

  1. ENGWE ENGINE PRO - 1.479

    Reviewed on February 3, 2024 by PayHelp

    Bonjour Huteau,

    Voici une vidéo montrant comment retirer le pédalier et le capteur d’un Engine PRO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhPhdBVuebw

    J’espère que cela vous aidera et n’hésitez pas à nous écrire à support@engwe.net si vous avez besoin d’aide supplémentaire !

    Équipe d’assistance Engwe

  2. ENGWE ENGINE PRO - 1.479

    Reviewed on February 3, 2024 by PayHelp

    Bonjour Pietro,

    Merci d’avoir partagé vos commentaires et de nous avoir informés que vous avez bien reçu votre vélo et que vous l’avez adoré. Nous sommes heureux de proposer à nos clients des produits de qualité.

    L’équipe de support Engwe

  3. ENGWE ENGINE PRO - 1.479

    Reviewed on February 3, 2024 by PayHelp

    Witaj Jacenty,

    Bardzo dziękujemy za podzielenie się swoją opinią z nami i naprawdę doceniamy Twoje zainteresowanie. Chcielibyśmy zapewnić Cię, że wszystkie niezbędne części są dostępne. Prosimy o kontakt za pośrednictwem e-maila na support@engwe.net, a z przyjemnością pomożemy Ci w zorganizowaniu potrzebnej części zamiennych do Twojego roweru. Warto zauważyć, że chociaż nie sprzedajemy części zamiennych bezpośrednio na naszej stronie internetowej, to z pewnością możemy zorganizować ich dostawę dla Ciebie.


  4. ENGWE ENGINE PRO - 1.479

    Reviewed on December 18, 2023 by Jacenty

    Rowerek fajny wygodny ale nie do dźwigania na piętra. Chcącym dokonać zakupu radzę pierw zorientować się że zakupienie przekładni która jednak się zużywa to wielki problem jeśli w ogóle coś takiego jest dostępne gdziekolwiek, informacji o modelu takowej części nie znajdziesz nigdzie……

    + PROS: Wygodny
    - CONS: Wady konstrukcyjne, łańcuch trze o oponę SUPPORT, TO DNO.
  5. ENGWE ENGINE PRO - 1.479

    Reviewed on November 16, 2023 by Pietro

    Je viens de recevoir mon Engine pro 750 « amelioré ». Livré en 8 jours. Emballage très complet , chaque pièce est protégée. Pas de difficultés majeures à le monter bien que le mode d’emploi soit inexistant( seul mauvais point). J ai un peu galéré avec le guidon mais ça marche. Le vélo est effectivement lourd mais très maniable et très beau . Selle super confortable, suspension AV/AR au top avec un confort de conduite incroyable. Les freins hydrauliques avant et arrière sont un vrai plus. L éclairage est aussi très bon et les informations sur sélecteur très intuitives et complètes. Reste à valider l’ autonomie en tout électrique. En un mot J adore ce vélo

    + PROS: Monté à 70%. Conception très robuste et esthétique. Puissance et confort au top avec un excellent rapport qualité prix
    - CONS: Pas de mode d’emploi

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